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Free Live Webinar: How To Overcome The 5 Types Of Childhood Traumas

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Free Live Webinar: How To Overcome The 5 Types Of Childhood Traumas

From Free

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Apr 10 2024 19:00 - 21:00


I'm gifting you this medicinal webinar for free because I want you to stop living in the past and start living your best life!


"I have met someone who has changed my life completely within 12 weeks and without her support, guidance and knowledge I would not be where I am today. I entered a world I didn't know existed and from it, my health, wellbeing, anxiety levels, my relationship with my mum and with myself have been transformed. I have learnt to love myself and understand what trauma has done to me over the years. I have lowered my dosage of my anxiety tablets and it feels wonderful. I smile more, I feel happier and I have made peace with many things I have struggled with and feel I can move forward. Thank you so much to Jessica."

Lucinda Smith-Lenander, UK

"I've had the privilege of working with Jess X Goh for 3 months and it's profound emotional work, transforming my own childhood trauma, healing my relationship with my mother and generally moving forward in a really positive way in my life beyond trauma, beyond stuckness and if you have the opportunity to work with Jessica. I would highly recommend it. She does incredible work and if you just go for it, take the opportunity and seize it with both hands."

Benjamin Coggins, AUS

"I have worked with many different healing modalities, I was still stuck in my healing concerning shame and self-sabotaging behaviors. I engaged in many self-sabotaging behaviors in the areas of sex, retail therapy and toxic relationships. Jess X Goh helped me walk through, releasing the anger from childhood trauma brought about by religious abuse and psychological abuse. I was gas lighting myself from allowing myself to release the anger as part of my TRUTH. I am grateful for the breakthroughs I have been able to make through Jess’ expertise in the area of childhood trauma and her non-judgmental approach to teaching me how to re-mother my wounded inner child. I have made such progress and I am a better healer because I have confronted my own shadow self with divine truth and forgiveness."

Jalila Moody, USA

"Without even sugar coating it, I really think that Jess X Goh has changed my life for the better. We worked on so many different aspects of my life, such as my career, my family dynamics, my relationship with my self-esteem and any other issues that were going on in my life. I saw immediate results in a few sessions, I have already started to see shifts. I really believe, after 12 weeks since the first session, that I'm a different person and I really tribute that to Jess X Goh, her professionalism, her deep sense of intuition. She's always knowing what's going on in the back of my head, what's causing these thoughts, beliefs or behaviours, even if you're not aware of it, which I was really impressed by. "

Lauren Blaise, EU

Does unresolved childhood trauma dictate the way you live your life?

Do you find yourself struggling to find who you are in this world and form meaningful and genuine connections with the right people?

Are you still reliving your past in the present moment?

Trauma is the imprint of our conditioning and when we don't address it to its core, we find ourselves thinking, feeling and acting from a place of trauma and pain. Until we focus on healing the root cause of trauma, not the symptoms that are being expressed from it such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, nightmares, suicidal thoughts, addictions, toxic relationships, workaholic and so forth, it is then, you and I can move forward without the emotional baggage anymore.

Learn from a trauma coach trained in 14 healing techniques with real life experiences of overcoming abuse and delivering breakthrough results for burnt out heart-centered professionals from domestic violence, sexual abuse, dysfunctional family dynamics, ancestral trauma and ritual abuse.


Here's what you'll learn from this live webinar...

  • What are the 5 types of childhood trauma (that your therapist won't tell you)
  • How each childhood trauma shapes your personality and personality in life
  • How Jess has successfully come out of the other side of her experiences with sexual abuse, domestic violence, abandonment and social anxiety and bullying at home and school and how she transformed her toxic relationship with her dysfunctional mother to a healthy, loving and functional connection
  • Experience a light language transmission, high frequencies and guided quantum meditation to start dislodging and clearing energetic and emotional blockages held in your energy field, body and consciousness
  • Q&A, sacred shares and next steps moving forward from the impacts of childhood trauma with a special upcoming face to face weekend workshops in Adelaide, Tokyo and London

About The Speaker

Jess X Goh helps heart-centered burnt out professionals to overcome the impacts of childhood abuse. What has led Jess to her spiritual path was her experiences from domestic violence, sexual abuse and bullying and come out of it the other side. She has successfully rebuilt her relationship with her traumatized mother and estranged brother. Jess is the soul founder of Life In Confidence, an international holistic trauma recovery practice that has been running for over 8 years serving 1000+ high achievers, a spiritual speaker at wellness festivals and featured in mental health podcasts.

Learn more:

YT: Life In Confidence


Transform trauma, change your life.

It's time to move forward with trust.

Are you ready to live your best life?

Hey beautiful soul, I'm Jess X Goh, soul founder of Life In Confidence. I help highly driven, burnt out, heart-centered professionals all over the world to overcome the impacts of childhood abuse. I do this by empowering them to release their anger and grief to reduce their anxiety drug-free. What has led to my spiritual path was from my traumatic upbringing of domestic violence, sexual abuse, humiliation and bullying and come out of it the other side. I run an international holistic trauma recovery practice for 8 years, serving 1000+ clients, featured in epic mental health podcasts and publications worldwide. I have successfully rebuilt a functional relationship with my traumatised mother and estranged brother.


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