Fracture - 28mm Inquisitor Narrative Open

Apr 27 2019 10:00 - 19:00

Dark Sphere Shepherd's Bush Megastore, Unit 8 W12 Shopping Centre, W12 8PP London

"Do not make the mistake of understanding the warp. Time and distance flow like water there. Seconds turn into years, years turn into hours, hours turn into centimetres, and centimetres turn into dust. It's a realm of no fixed rules, and as many or as few dimensions as it likes."
- Inquisitor Lord Davian Finach

It is not particularly unusual for an occasional astropathic message to come through dated slightly ahead. Even without the vagaries of the warp, the Imperium's million worlds seldom agree on a precise date, with delays in communication and the conversions to and from local date formats constantly introducing errors. Most of the time, these anomalies are of little concern to anyone other than a few adepts who shuffle around muttering under their breath about how to fit it into their filing system.

It is a more serious matter when messages begin appearing weeks, months or even years ahead.

The approach of the warp storm "Lord Hallen's Grave" has lead to such messages arriving with disturbing frequency within the Abraxis Sector. Many of them are minor messages of little import - dull tithe reports of average harvests or nobles frivolously exchanging love poems of questionable literary value; Others speak of far more serious matters.

Amongst the fragmented futures placed before the Inquisition is that of the world of Rarlen, an ostensibly civilised world that has for a century and a half been governed by Lord Mathys DeMontane.

To some within the upper ranks of the Imperium, DeMontane is a wily politician who has crafted a network of power that has weathered any adversity, and enforced his ruler-ship however necessary; To others, he is an incompetent, paranoid and oversensitive fop holding on to power by hiding behind his connections and the brutal overuse of force.

The Inquisition is no less split. Some would claim that a rulership of a hundred and fifty-two years represents vital stability in a sector otherwise imperilled by the tumults of the Imperium Nihilus.
Others would believe that his selfish manner is a cancerous tumour poisoning the Imperium, and that his replacement would be the first step in the sector's recovery.

This deadlock has for decades been decided by the threat of his powerful allies. Any attempt to move against him is too risky even for the Inquisition - were proof to get out that the Holy Ordos were involved, then it could threaten ties with several powerful merchant fleets, numerous powerful noble families, an Arbites Lord Marshal, Naval Admirals, and even rumours of an Astartes Chapter Master.

However, the winds of the warp carry word of a coming revolution upon Rarlen - with the benefit of foresight and carefully manipulated, these future events could be turned to the advantage of the bold...


Fracture is a 28mm scale Inquisitor event focusing on temporal disruptions in the Abraxis sector - a situation largely caused by the Inquisition's failure to deflect a warp storm in our earlier "Guardian" event.

Players and characters will be taking advantage of these cryptic insights in order to try to weave their way through the political mess that is the world of Rarlen, choosing between factions in a coming revolution, at each stage becoming aware of not just what has happened, but what will happen.


Please check out the Fracture event pack (V1.0 - updated 16th February) for more details.

- Rules: A slightly houseruled version of the Inquisitor Living Rulebook.
- Format: Three rounds of narrative gaming. (The schedule may be amended for four slightly shorter rounds if it better suits the final plot).
- Scale: 28mm
- Tickets: Currently limited to 12 spaces, although this may be increased to 16 if interest proves particularly high.
Ticket sales end at 23:59 BST on Sunday 21st April (five days before the event) in order to allow event plans to be finalised; after this point, you will have to directly contact us should you wish to join the event.

We also recommend following the Fracture event page on Facebook to keep up-to-date with all the latest information and developments.

Fracture ticket

GBP 5.00