Feb 21 2020 19:00 - 21:30

Fowey River Academy, Windmill, PL23 1HE Fowey

The names Blonde, James Blonde. Yep, we thought it high time we got around to doing a secret agent pantomime, so here it is!

Evil supervillain and crazed Polruan malcontent, Oskar Goldbottom, has managed to lay hands on Cornwall Council’s powerful lava laser, with a truly diabolical plan to melt the town of Fowey out of existence!

With a multi-billion dollar ransom on the table, a deadly weapon trained on Fowey and time running out, only famed MI6 agent triple-O-seven, James Blonde, can save us...

Or can he? He’s up against an army of highly trained ninjas, shark-themed henchmen, an evil Emu and the disgruntled bandmates from Queen. Thankfully, plucky French secret service agent Demi Baguette is on hand to try and help him thwart Goldbottom’s evil plot!

Will Oskar succeed in his evil plan? Can James and Demi save Fowey in time? Will Minion Stuart ever get to eat a banana? Ony time will tell as our spy tale unfolds!