Food Fraud & Authenticity

Oct 22 2019 09:00 - Oct 23 2019 17:00

Ramada Apollo Center, Staalmeesterslaan 410, 1057 PH Amsterdam


Economic food fraud is a rising concern in all parts of the world. Melamine in milk, beef being replace by horse meat, sugar water added to honey, …. A long list of scandals of food safety and hygiene has appeared in the news over the past years, all having 1 factor in common: an economic profit for the fraudster, somewhere along the supply chain. Since not all crises have a direct food safety impact, a common HACCP risk assessment cannot be used to detect risks.
In this masterclass, examples of real-life cases of food quality and safety are analyzed, and practical ways of conducting a VACCP study are thought. After this masterclass, you’ll be able to conduct your own study, and you’ll know the possible solutions when detecting high-risk raw materials & packaging materials.


  • Business owners and managers should attend this training
  • Individuals interested in developing a food business in the 2020s should attend this training
  • Technical/Quality Managers with site responsibility for food safety should attend this training
  • Technical/Quality Supervisors wishing to upskill should attend this training
  • Enforcement/Government Agents wishing to understand best practice from a food business perspective should attend this training
  • New Product Development Managers/Supervisors to understand modern food safety considerations should attend this training
  • Sales and Marketing Managers particularly those involved promoting high risk and high care (ready to eat) products should attend this training
  • Academic staff with an interest in modern trends in food safety management should attend this training


  • In this Masterclass participants will understand the main food safety responsibilities placed on food business owner/managers
  • In this Masterclass participants will get ability to develop a key performance matrix for food safety culture and continuous improvement
  • In this Masterclass participants will gain an in-depth understanding of HACCP and food hygiene regulations and ensure that it is being fully implemented in each food business
  • In this Masterclass participants will understand the concept of due diligence and the role that food safety training and a properly functioning HACCP system must play in this area and in the prevention of product recalls/withdrawals
  • In this Masterclass participants will understand the challenges of food fraud in today’s food and beverage industries
  • In this Masterclass participants will build a network with other professionals with a keen interest in food safety and benchmark against other company in the food industry

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Food Fraud & GMP HACCP Safety Training

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