Food and Freedom

Apr 15 2018 14:45 - 16:15

TBC, London, N1 London

This event explores a number of issues associated with eating, weight and image. It discusses how food and eating can take control of our lives, with our weight and eating behaviours dictating our happiness. Essentially, the event looks at aspects associated with eating which drive negative behaviours and can become a vicious cycle, keeping us unhappy. Subsequently, this event aims to provide help and information on ways to loosen the grip that eating, weight and image issues might have over us. The host for this event is someone well versed on the issues of food and weight. Having suffered with a severe eating disorder for over 10 years, they gave up hope of recovery Yet, despite the control food, eating and weight had over them, they managed a full recovery and now, many years later, they continue to live with freedom from food and weight issues and instead use their experience to help teach, share and help others on how to be free from food and negative eating cycles.

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