Flow in the Dark {with Kelly Brooks}

Jan 13 2017 19:30 - 22:30

Secret converted chapel, within a 1/2 mile radius of Warwick Avenue tube station, W9 2JA London

At The Wellscene we do yoga differently. We turn off the light, crank up the music and bend to the beat. It’s sweat dripping feel-good yoga. Leave your worries at the door and lose yourself in the moment.

Led by Kelly Brooks, you can expect 60 minutes of high intensity and strength combined with deep breathing, a clearing of the mind and all-round good vibes.

Unlike most other yoga classes, this one will take place in a converted chapel and the space will solely be illuminated by black light and candle light. To make things extra spectacular, we ask you to come in your whitest and brightest active wear. We give you glow sticks when you arrive and have a UV face paint station set up so you can literally flow and glow in the dark.

Sounds good?

We thought so. Grab your ticket and we’ll see you on the mat!

PLEASE NOTE: tickets are non-refundable.

Super Early Bird: 7:30pm class

Not Available

Early Bird: 7:30pm class

Not Available

General Admission: 7:30pm class

Not Available