Sep 21 2019 10:00 - 15:30

The House, Crow Lane, Tendring, Clacton On Sea , CO16 9AW Essex

Nothing tastes better than the fabulously fresh fish landed every day on our very own British shores! So why not join us for a comprehensive day learning how to prepare and cook local, sustainable fish and seafood.

With the freshest of fish and seafood sourced from London’s Billingsgate Market and local fishermen, try your hand at cleaning, scaling, filleting, pin-boning, skinning, picking, shucking, scoring and trimming. We’ll show and teach you the techniques so that you can confidently cook from start to finish a variety of delicious dishes that will ensure your fish and seafood are always the star of the show. 


  • How to identify fresh fish / purchasing points
  • What is sustainable seafood?
  • Cleaning and cooking mussels
  • Cleaning and scaling whole fish
  • Filleting, pin-boning, trimming, scoring fish / fillets
  • Cleaning whole squid, scoring and frying / deep fat frying
  • Reducing wastage with advice on stocks, sauces and soups
  • Cooking techniques
  • Sauces and accompaniments
  • Presentation of dishes


  • Classic moules mariniere
  • Classic oysters and baked oysters with herb crust
  • Pan-fried salmon fillet with herritage tomatoes, coriander and herbs
  • Dauphinoise potatoes
  • Scallops with pea puree and black pudding
  • Pan-fried sole (or other flat fish) with shallot butter sauce
  • Seared baby squid salad
  • Deep friend squid with sweet chilli sauce
  • Soupe de poisson