Fight for your Manor

Apr 26 2018 19:45 - 22:30

Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent Park Road, Camden, NW1 7AY London

Manor London presents it's first fight night ever raising money for a local homelessness charity- For the greater hood. Previously known as Work it London, it is also the first event launching as a new brand.


Each fighter is trained and matched in house at Manor. Safety is paramount and we pair people with equal ability/ experience and weight. They have trained hard for 10 weeks and some have never even boxed before, let alone fight. They will find out who they're up against on the night of the fight and not before.

The chosen charity

C4WS homeless project is the charity we have chosen to raise money for this time around. Homelessness is an epidemic in London and an issue we feel an obligation to help improve. C4WS is a project of CARIS of Camden and exists to support those without a home rebuild their lives. It provides free shelter, free lunches, teaches literacy skills, has a mentoring and befriending scheme and helps find employment. There are only 3 employees in the company and the rest are volunteers. Throughout the 10 week training process and beyond, the contestants and coaching staff will be volunteering with the charity. Our collective target is to fund raise £10k and will be donated post fight night.

Peace and Glove.


General Admission

Not Available