Fermentation & gut health

Jan 27 2020 10:00 - Apr 03 2020 14:00

Your Kitchen, Your Kitchen, Your Kitchen

TRAIN A TEAM OF UP TO 6 FOR £725 (£870 inclusive of VAT) in your own kitchens, or one of our London venues*

More & more customers are seeing the link between what they eat, their health, and the impacts on the planet and climate change, and choosing more healthy, nutritious meals.

Gut-health has been an exciting and growing area of interest for Scientists, Nutritionists and consumers alike, as the benefit of a healthy gut is linked to increased energy, positive mental health, brain resilience and more.

Specifically, consumers adopting a more plant-based diet are seeking ways to ensure they are obtaining all the necessary vitamins and minerals in their diet, and the desire for more 'Vegan functional foods' is one of the biggest trends forecast for 2020.

If you're not catering well for customers seeking more healthy choices, chances are your competitors will be.  

This course is specifically designed for Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes and other food-service businesses, to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to introduce delicious and interesting fermented items to add to dishes on their menu, so they can attract more health-conscious customers, and reduce their food waste.

This is an in-house onsite service where our experienced team of chefs come to YOU, so your team learn with your equipment, building on their knowledge, skills, and ideas, to ensure they can easily implement everything they learn into your day-to-day operations.

Fermenting is a fantastic way to add interesting new aspects to a dish, that can have real nutritional benefits, aiding digestion, absorption of nutrients and more, which will be appealing to health-conscious customers.  Even better, fermenting foods is a fantastic way to extend the life of them, so in doing so you can reduce your food waste at the same time.  

But there's more to fermenting than just cabbage.  There are exciting ways to ferment grains to make sprouted breads, salads, dips, drinks such as kefir & kombucha, vinegars, salsas, chutneys, cheeses and more, which will add character to your menu.

The class will include:

    • An overview of fermenting, and how to achieve good results in a commercial kitchen 
    • An overview of the different fermenting techniques, what ingredients can be fermented, and what dishes can be created
    • Learn about the operational considerations for making fermented foods, including storage and more, to avoid cross contamination and other risks (taking into consideration HACCP & regulations)
    • Learn about the nutrition of each of the ingredients, and their functional benefits
    • Learn about the protein structures of each of the ingredients, and how they are best paired with other ingredients to provide nutritionally balanced dishes
    • You'll enjoy tastings throughout the session, and all recipes provided
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    Fee: £870 for up to 6 attendees, inclusive of VAT, which includes all food ingredients and copies of recipes

    Cancellation / Refunds: We require at least 7 days' notice for any cancellations or transfers once classes have been booked.  We regret that refunds can not be granted if this minimum cancellation period is not provided.

    For information, or further questions: info@sustainablekitchen.co.uk, 07810311742

    * Our London training venues are located in Clapham, Victoria and London Bridge.  An additional hire fee will be charged for use of one of these venues.