Feel and Look Good Forever

Apr 25 2018 18:30 - 21:00

The Willow Health Restaurant, 16 The Triangle, KT1 3RT Kingston upon Thames

- Can you imagine a life without diets?

- Are you seriously concerned about your health?

- Are you a sugar addict?

- Are you frustrated at your lack of energy?

- Does it upset you to look in the mirror?


Thousands of other women struggle with their weight and its consequences. It shows that regular diets don't work


A ground breaking, Dutch, healthy eating plan is coming to the UK. It will transform your life forever. Results are spectacular: average weight loss of 10 pounds, possible reversal of diabetes 2 and high blood pressure and reduction in biological age of 15 years while eating delicious food and installing new heating habits.

The EatWright Plan is a healthy eating plan that will get you HEALTHIER and, as a result, will see you LOSE EXCESS WEIGHT. It is based on 5 pillars: it is sugar free, gluten free, lactose poor, free from harmful E-numbers, and carbohydrate conscious. When you read this you probably think, “Will there be anything left to eat?” Quite the opposite; with this plan you will eat delicious food – maybe even more than you’re used to. This simple way of eating will show you the path to optimum health, fewer health complaints, a healthier weight, more energy and vitality. Healthy eating will become a habit, not a pain.

On the evening Nettie Bom, the founder of the EatWright Plan will talk about the relation between food and health and give you tips and advice on how you can reach an optimum in your health, fitness and waistline. Tickets include a free drink, nibbles, a health assessment (value £15) and measurement of blood pressure and PH level.

Be prepared to be amazed!

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