February Palestinian Supperclub

Feb 18 2020 19:00 - 22:30

The Phene, 9 Phene St, SW3 5NY London

Welcome to my second supperclub of the year. 


Ful Mudammas - Smashed broad beans dip with garlic, tomato and spring onions 

Bamia Bil Zeit - Slow stewed Okra with coriander, onions, chilli and tomato 

Musaka’a - Aubergine and tomato dip with sweetened onions 

Harak Usba’o - Lentil, home made pasta and tamarind stew with coriander, fried bread and onions, draped with pomegranate seeds

Yalanji - Tabbouleh stuffed vine leaves cooked in a lemon sauce served cold with olive oil 

Fatayer sabanekh wa jibneh - Spinach and feta pie with fresh herbs

Main course 

Kubbeh Bil laban - 

Lamb and burghul patties, cooked in yogurt sauce with coriander and Garlic oil


Ruz bil haleeb - 

Creamy orange blossom rice pudding with slivered pistachios 

All the meat is Halal

Tickets cannot be refunded 48*hours before event

There will be a complimentary drink on arrival.