Fear- Basic Emotions in Rope, With Afsana and Robbers_Daughter

Apr 29 2018 11:00 - 18:00

Dance Studio Leeds, Mill 6, mabgate mills, Macaulay St, LS9 7SW Leeds

Fear is considered as one of the six basic emotions of humans and according to Freud, there would be no existence of life without the existence of fear.

Exploring and playing with this deep and universally occurring emotion and the side effects in body and mind can be a far reaching and a rewarding experience for both the person who initiates the fear and the person who experiences the fear.

However, playing with this basic emotion can be very demanding and even cause serious harm if the knowledge about the risks, both physically and mentally, and the backgrounds of incurrence, consequences and the characteristics of fear is lacking.

In this workshop we will give you an insight in playing with fear in body and mind and a general fundamental understanding of using fear as a tool.

what you should bring:

  • A general understanding, knowledge and experience in play
  • A partner you trust (there will be no partner swap between the attending couples)
  • A basic understanding, knowledge and experience with rope (no suspension experience needed)
  • Your rope ;)
  • Your fear gadgets, if you have such

what you will get:

  • Communication, protection and (self-)reflection before, while and after the fear-play
  • Types of fear and the secure dealing while playing with them
  • Initiation, characteristics and consequences of fear on a psychological and biological basis
  • Exploration of different options of initiating and acting out different fears

Couples ticket

Not Available