Fast and Fugitive - the basics of natural dyeing

Jan 26 2020 10:30 - 14:30

Shoreditch Design Rooms, 2 Scawfell Street , E2 8NG London

Enter the colourful world of natural dyeing and learn the difference between fast and fugitive dyes, how to prepare fabric for dyeing and how to work sustainably using natural dyes that grow easily in the UK. With 7 years experience in natural dyeing and growing dye plants we will lead you through this exciting journey. You will be using the three main colours Woad (blue), Madder (red), and Weld (yellow) to create samples and record your work to continue your journey at home. With experiments using different mordants and modifiers you will leave confident in a number of techniques, and works sheets as a reference.

In this session you will learn:

  • Preparing fabrics for processing - scouring
  • Mordanting fabrics for dyeing - for cellulose and protein fibres
  • Preparing dye baths and vats
  • Overdyeing colours
  • Using modifiers
  • Resisting dyeing techniques

Ticket price includes all materials, tools and light refreshments.

Items for dyeing available to purchase on the day.