Fast and Fugitive - Introduction to Natural Dyeing

2 Scawfell Street , E2 8NG London
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Tickets GBP 55.00 - GBP 65.00
Tickets GBP 55.00 - GBP 65.00

Enter the colourful world of natural dyeing and learn how to use plants on linen and cotton to make a unique colour. Naturally dyed linen and cotton can be used for years, and when it is at the end of its life you can compost it. A completely sustainable practice for your business or craft practices.

We will show you how to create a rich palette, and how to avoid the You Tube and Facebook video pitfalls. You will get to explore how the pH of the dye bath, metal based modifiers and over dyeing can change the colours you achieve. As we look to use seasonally the available colours will change as we are able to use fresh dye stuffs.

We will go through the preparation of fabric for dyeing and how to include natural and salt based mordants.

In this course you will earn:

Preparing fabric for dyeing

Preparing dried and fresh plants for dye baths

Saving and using plant & food waste for sustainable dyeing

Making modifiers & natural mordants

Pattern making with resist dyeing techniques

You will leave with a comprehensive knowledge based around natural dyes, and self made notebook to refer to.

"Connecting people and place through discovery"

We are a Hackney based community interest company focusing on connecting people with the natural world in creative and collaborative ways. Through innovative teaching and experiential learning, Cordwainers Grow hopes to connect and inspire a network of social and environmental innovators.

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