Fabulous Goldwork Embroidery Part II

Sep 06 2019 10:00 - 12:00

48 Conway Rd, LL29 7LD Colwyn Bay

Whether you have any experience of embroidery or not, this series of workshops will continue your introduction to the wonderful world of Goldwork. It is very different to regular embroidery in many ways, and as this course is designed as an introduction, will be suitable for both embroiderers and novices alike. Very few materials are required for the beginners course, and anything you do need for the course can be purchased from Crafty Rhino's minishop in small amounts, as required, and at very reasonable prices.

During this continuation to the first Introductory course you will practice more basic couching, padding and beading techniques, and learn some new tips tricks and techniques to add to your repertoire.  If you missed the first 4 week course, you will ideally need to participate in a Part 1 course before attempting this one.  If you are in need of a Goldwork refresher or have had some experience already, then this course may be suitable for you.  Please contact Crafty Rhino if you're unsure.

 This is a 4 week course only, with the possible option of joining a further course afterwards