Aug 29 2018 12:00 - 20:00

The Peckham Pelican, Peckham Road 92, SE15 5PY London

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OPEN EXHIBITION: Come to the Peckham Pelican for an all day arts workshop on August 29th from 12pm onwards.

If you have work you wish to progress, bring it along for an open crit! Whether you have prints, painting, sculpture, digital art etc, be sure to drop charlie@justintime.org.uk an email or post on the FB page describing your piece beforehand, our space is limited in size! 

If you have no such work, we have art supplies for you to create on the day. The bar is open as usual, so social butterflies are welcome! 

This is the debut event of IDEATE society UAL, in colab with the arts magazine JUST in time. The JUST in time directors will have their own table, so have a chat! Much of the works that feature in this event will make it onto the corresponding issues of the magazine.

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The purpose of the event is to offer emerging artists a space to both progress and gain exposure, whilst encouraging anyone anywhere to pursue the arts. 

JUST in time bio - a new weekly arts paper giving a nudge to arts events on in the next 7 days, with a focus on reviewing, and working at making sure the arts are part of ‘the debate’! - https://justintime.org.uk 

IDEATE society UAL - As students, we are money poor but ideas rich. Ideas are a limitless supply; with the right help, our ideas can be revolutionary. - https://www.arts-su.com/groups/ideate 

The event will be filmed / photographed, compiled into an edit of the event that we’ll release on video - discuss with the hosts if you wish not to be filmed in such a way.


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