Event 57: Six Days

Oct 11 2019 20:00 - Oct 13 2019 16:00

Consall Scout Camp, Blakely Lane, ST10 2PS Stoke-on-Trent

Stargate Event 57

OOC Info details

This event is not catered for players. 
Event does not include Sunday night.

Location is Consall Scout Camp   http://www.consallscoutcamp.co.uk/

The site has bunks in a number of locations.  The majority of player sleeping will be in one building at the top of the hill.  Player camping will also be allowed in this area.  Please indicate if you require a bunk, if no indcation then we will assume you will sleep in a tent or offsite.

Overflow sleeping is available at the base of the hill but access to this during time in will need event ref permission as there may be encounters going on artound that area.

If sleeping offsite please remember the rules of the game that if you go out of character for a period you MUST let the site or system refs know.

Event Costs

A ticket to play is £80

A deposit of £20 must be paid within 48 hours of booking with the remainder paid by 1st October. Failure to meet either of these deadlines WILL result in loss of place if the event has a waiting list. Cancellation may result in a refund depending on date of cancellation and proximity to event.

Please note that legally we are no longer able to charge different prices for tickets purchased through paypal.  If you do pay via paypal then please be aware that the fees the society would pay are £3.81 (on £80) and if you wish to increase your fee to cover this it would be appreciated, payment is to stargate.sglrp@gmail.com.

Payment by bank account transfer contact Sec/Treas  for account details and there are no fees.

Booking dates. All bookings start at 7pm on the date given there isa no crew priority booking as no crew are looking to book

Wednesday 21st August 11 day period for crew from Event 55 or 56, please contact secretary for password for this booking window 3 weeks period for members to book
Saturday 31st August 3 week window for members to book
Saturday 21st September bookings open for any and all.

Time in will follow OOC briefings which will be intended to commence at 7pm. Players can arrive onsite from around 4pm but this will be confirmed nearer the event.



Since the SEF were last in the Magellanic Clouds at Christmas, things have continued to get more “interesting”. The threat of the Black Goo/Pseudomatter infestation has become more apparent, and the Crusade have become more desperate in their search for the “Gates to Heaven”.

During all of this, the Scrappers have been trying to rebuild what they lost. New homes, new worlds, new people. But there are dangers still lurking out there. And right now, these dangers are bearing down on the few who remain steadfast against it all.

The Scrappers have requested the assistance of the SEF again, to help assess the ongoing situation, and make a difference to those who escaped to The Clouds to find a new life in a safe home. This is not expected to be an easy deployment, but a rewarding one.

Members Free
Open to all Coming soon