Event 53: Toil and Tribulation

Sep 07 2018 18:00 - Sep 09 2018 14:00

Huntley Wood, Cheadle, ST10 2NS Stoke-on-Trent

Stargate Event 53

OOC Info details

This event is not catered for players. There will be SAFE meal times for players where no combat will happen there may still be NPC's to interact and THEY will not initiate combat except in direset circumstance.
Event does not include Sunday night.

Location is Huntley Wood
The site has no bunks and as such all participants will need to either camp or sleep offsite.

If sleeping offsite please remember the rules of the game that if you go out of character for a period you MUST let the site or system refs know.

Event Costs

A ticket to play is £70.

A deposit of £20 must be paid within 48 hours of booking with the remainder paid by 31st August. Failure to meet either of these deadlines WILL result in loss of place if the event has a waiting list. Cancellation may result in a refund depending on date of cancellation and proximity to event.

Payment by Paypal please include £5 for fees depending on if you have ordered the various extras and payment to stargate.sglrp@gmail.com

Payment by bank account transfer contact Sec/Treas for account details

Booking dates. All bookings start at 7pm on the date given

Wednesday 1st August 9 day period for Event 52 crew to use priority booking. Password for this booking group has been given to the refs of the previous event
Friday 10th August 2 weeks period for members to book
Friday 24th August bookings open for any and all.

Time in will follow OOC briefings which will be intended to commence at 7pm. Players can arrive onsite from around 4pm but this will be confirmed nearer the event.



IC Brief

Incoming wormhole at Corsham. After stabilisation, a transmission begins. The transmission repeats three times then there is a pause before the wormhole closes again.

The transmission, when analysed, contains several distinct data streams which can be decoded. These data streams are presumed to contain the same message in several languages, one of which is recognisable as Ancient, one seems to be an audio message in Latin, and another seems similar to older forms of Uto-Aztecan languages but there is no direct correlation.

The Latin is as follows: “Aztlán periculum sit in aethra siderea polus a CREPITUS. Quaeso, mitte ipsum auxilium primaria singulorum ut instaurarent systems. Signa nostra situm deinde enumerantur. Habemus autem in loco securitatis causa non nocere.”

Once translated from Latin, the message is revealed to be a distress call: “Aztlan danger in heaven bright with sunlight from the explosion. I beg you, send it to the carpenters to repair the very help for the primary systems. Our next location of the signs listed. But we have this in a place of security are to the cause, do no harm.”

A Stargate address is also listed. Opinions on the last phrase from on-base experts believe that the message is saying that the gate is in a secure location, but that any security systems will not harm those who go to help. The world that the message indicates is at the far edges of the galaxy, but still within the Milky Way. Dial testing indicates that the receiving gate will not accept incoming wormholes from the SEF alpha sites.

OOC Premise

The SEF have received a distress call by way of a transmission sent through the gate using various different frequencies. The transmission appears to include messages in various languages, and includes an audio message in Latin, which is provided and translated above. The rough translation of the message and scenario into operational points is:

There is a subject called Aztlán (could be a person or place)

There is probably a supernova or something similar about to happen Repairs of some kind are needed

There are security measures in place Dialling to the world is only possible from Corsham

The event will start on Corsham, and proceed through the Gate after being briefed IC on the situation. As it is an emergency situation, and personnel may not be available on base when called in, anyone arriving late can be sent through as and when they are ready.


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Open to all

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