ELSC presents...Back To School!

Sep 29 2017 20:30 - Sep 30 2017 00:30

Club Aquarium, 256-260 Old St, EC1V 9DD London

You're all in detention so time to get your heads down, do your lines and study hard as the Mistresses of ELSC give you all a lesson to remember. The feisty, feminist strippers are back with our naughtiest show yet! Expect saucy striptease, jaw-dropping pole tricks, twerking superstars and ritual humiliation. We're going back to school this month and so should YOU! Step into our playground dressed in your old school uniform, no disrupting the class or it'll be 6-of-the-best from Mistress Solitaire!

Free drinks for the best costume - think Hogwarts vs. St. Trinians; preppy prefect or clueless cheerleader; Grange Hill or Saved By The Bell; high school jock or geek-I'd-like-to-f*ck; jailbait Britney Spears uniform or your old Geography professor, complete with corduroy jacket and elbow patches. Polish your specs, sharpen your pencils, and get down to the sluttiest school disco in town - we've spiked the punch, so you'll all be snogging behind the bike sheds by the end of the night.

ELSC resident DJ Dopamina will be top of the class, keeping the audience pumping between acts with her ace skills on the decks. Don't forget the action's not just on stage. Come and spend a bit of time during recess in the Ego Massage Parlour, (lift your spirits with the sweet words and touch of a bevy of beauties). Or treat yourself to a session in the wildly popular VIRTUAL REALITY Booth (put on a VR headset and experience a full 360 immersive video lapdance performance by members of the ELSC). And don't forget it's ALL about tipping - you can buy tipping dollars on the night and make it rain on the performers live on stage.

As always, ELSC aims to create a safe and respectful space for diversity, absent of stigma and shaming. We invite LGBT+ audience members to come and participate in an activity normally reserved for cis-males... Strippers of the ELSC seek to challenge the patriarchal conventions on which their industry is built, and we warmly invite women, couples and trans/queer individuals into our world of wondrous titty-twirling, booty-clapping, pole-dancing and underwear-peeling.


Zoe Trope – All-Star American cheerleader act

Mistress Solitaire – the school ma'am you always dreamed of

Jade – cheeky wildcat in jailbait uniform

PLUS Special Schoolboy Act TBC

DJ Dopamina

Doors open 8.30pm. Shows start at 9.30pm - arrive early to avoid disappointment.

£5 Earlybird, £8 Advance Tickets, £10 Tickets at the Door.

Club Aquarium's famous Pool Party starts at midnight & ELSC ticket holders can stay and party at the venue till 6am!


ELSC are a group of feisty, articulate and fiercely independent women, who also happen to be strippers, challenging stigma and smashing stereotypes with their refreshingly honest and open discourse about their culture, working conditions and feminist beliefs. They have come together as a collective, united in their shared grievances about poor working conditions and exploitative business practises within their industry. They also lament the stigma surrounding their jobs; the lack of wider public understanding about what they do, compounded by negative connotations that come from poor mainstream media representation and “feminist” campaigns that seek to erase their industry and destroy their livelihoods.

To counter all this they have begun self-organising their own pop-up events to raise awareness, invite new audiences to explore their world and see what they do from a new perspective. So far their events have included parties, life drawing classes, public talks, costume sales, pole-dance workshops, a film screening, academic symposium and an art exhibition. Members of the collective have taught themselves how to run their own events and create their own working conditions. ELSC wish to generate a culture of respect around stripping by publicly recognising the value and worth of their creative talent and energy.

For a taste of what you can expect at our events, watch our video here:


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