Ecotherapy: Mindfulness In Nature

Nov 08 2015 11:30 - 12:30

The Regent's Park, Cumberland Green (Chester Rd Gate), Chester Road, NW1 4HA London

As featured in OURS and ALT magazines:

"A really great way to connect with nature and reap the benefits of recognising our own natural presence. The senses are invited to be open and all the ordinary made extraordinary. I hugged a tree too, but to be honest, it hugged me first!" - Graham Nolan, Barnet

"I loved it. ... I can assure that you won’t be left disappointed." - OURS Magazine

This workshop led by Julia Lay is held in Regents Park and involves the extremely potent combination of mindfulness techniques and conscious connection with our natural environment.

“I knew in my head that Julia’s ecotherapy walk would be beneficial to me and that I’d enjoy it. But I didn’t know that actually participating in them would have such a big and immediate impact! Walking on the grass, feeling the wind against my cheeks and the leaves with my fingertips, hearing the birds, my breath and the cars, immediately took me ‘out of my head’. The earth and its elements took over and took away the thoughts and worries on my mind and this created so much space and calm within. A feeling of joy arose! Mindfully connecting with nature is the best medicine to compensate city – and office life. Julia has made it so accessible and fun for you to do, by offering her ecotherapy sessions in London’s parks! Julia had a sparkling and natural way of guiding us through the hour. She knows when to speak and when not to, so that you feel seen as an individual, connected as a group and there’s plenty of space for the experience in nature itself.” - Annet de Vries, The Netherlands

Feel like you've spent the day in the countryside after just one hour in a London park.

Most of us have experienced the sense of wellbeing that can come from spending time in ‘nature’. We know intuitively that time amongst plant/wildlife and in open spaces is good for us, and the research is also clear on this. Ecotherapy is about spending time in natural environments in a particular way, that deepens our connection with nature and ourselves, maximising the benefits we derive from our time outdoors.

This workshop will take you through simple mindfulness exercises as a group and individually. You will deepen your appreciation of the natural world and increase your sense of connection and presence.

Participants always end the workshop feeling very peaceful. You'll also learn ways to stay more connected to nature in your daily life.

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Time: Please aim to arrive early - we start to congregate 15 mins before the class starts. Once we start the class I have to turn my phone off and I can't help you if you are lost or late, so please familiarise yourself with the directions and map below.

Contact: Before class time please contact Julia on 07931 875685 - please don't hesitate to call if you need help finding us!

General Enquiries: Rich 07815 837679

What to bring: This is not a yoga workshop - you don't need a mat or any special clothing. However, unless it is very warm, do bring an extra jumper as when we slow down we cool down a lot. Also, this class goes ahead whatever the weather as we practise embracing whatever nature brings, so dress accordingly!

DIRECTIONS TO CUMBERLAND GREEN: Meeting point is the Chester Road gate into Cumberland Green. Tubes: Great Portland St, Regents Pk, Warren St: Head up the East side of the Outer Circle, about 6 or 7 mins walk turn left into Chester Road. Meeting point is the first gate on your right into Cumberland Green (it's a small entrance).

MAP TO CUMBERLAND GREEN (CHESTER ROAD GATE) From Great Portland St Tube (Regents Park and Warren St stations are also very close)

MAP TO CUMBERLAND GREEN FROM ALBANY CLUB (where our regular studio is - incase you've been before)

Ride with Rich from the Albany to Cumberland Green

Thanks, Rich & Julia

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