EASTER SPECIAL : Young Geomestrist Workshop

Apr 15 2019 14:00 - 17:00

Store Store, 118 Lower Stable Street, N1C 4DR London

As a part of Store Store Easter Break program we present Young Geometrist Workshop, a fun origami workshop for kids from 8-15 years old.

“The Geometrist” is a paper DIY kit to make models of polyhedra in paper, designed by Tomoko Azumi and TNA Design Studio. The first series consists of templates for the Platonic Solids, 5 regular polyhedra known from ancient times.

This workshop will guide you in how to make and decorate paper geometrical structures as Easter decorations, utilising “The Geometrist” method. Using only a pencil, a pair of scissors and paper glue, a simple craft process will enable you to complete beautiful polyhedra shapes.  

The completed polyhedra are in a scale which sits comfortably on the palm of your hand.  Hang them on a wall or suspend them on a thread to make an inspiring interior ornament. Decorate them with felt pen, coloured pencils or colourful masking tapes and write your message on them to present a unique three-dimensional greeting card.

The Geometrist kit is co-produced by Tomoko Azumi and Takeo, Japan.

Tomoko Azumi & TNA Design Studio: based in London, is a multi-cultural design consultancy working in furniture, retail interior and product design.  Tomoko’s works are in permanent collections of international museums, such as the V&A in London and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. She has been teaching in design education institutions over many years, including the Design Product department of Royal College of Art in London, and IUAV in Italy.  She has been on the jury for international design competitions and awards including D&AD in 2011 and Good Design Award in Japan ( 2006-2012 ).



Takeo, Japan: a paper trader since 1899, dealing in special papers, including for book binding and packaging. They work with graphic designers from all over the world.  Takeo has been sponsoring design oriented exhibitions under their Takeo Paper Show series, including “Haptic” ( 2004 ) and “Subtle” ( 2014 ) which are touring international venues since launch.


The workshop is open to a maximum of 10 participants (age 8+) on a first come, first served basis. Attendance at the workshop costs £25 with all proceeds supporting the SCHOOL SCHOOL after school club for the local state school students. Children under 10 years old must be assisted by an adult.   

G.F SMITH is sponsoring all paper for Paper Platonic Solids Workshop  


Paid Ticket

GBP 25.00 + GBP 2.52 fee