Drive-in Theatre Experience [ Template event ]

May 01 2023 18:00 - 20:00


You can follow the steps below to recreate it for your own use. Feel free to "purchase" a free ticket to test the purchase flow and see what your attendees will receive when they complete a purchase.


Here you can write a description for your event. This space is fully-customisable. Add videos if you have any trailers for your event or add images for extra illustration. You can also add instructions to participation or if there are any notable people taking part in your online event - add them here too.  



  1. Start by clicking on "Create Event" at the top of the page
  2. Add the name for your event
  3. Add organiser name - this is either your name or the name of your company/brand
  4. Click Connect a venue and then Register Venue and choose Seated
  5. Review our Seated Chart guide here
  6. Write up a description for your event/class and add some images if you like
  7. Choose the Event type /Category - this helps your event to get discovered on Billetto among other similar events
  8. You can also add up to 3 tags to increase discovery
  9. Add Ticket Types including the Name, Price and maximum tickets to be sold. Remember you can always add discounted ticket types and more, see here
  10. Check the box for Max Capacity and enter the maximum amount of people you wish within 1 time slot.
  11. Add an image to illustrate your event. If you don't have an image handy, simply search for one in our free built-in image library.
  12. Once you have clicked Publish connect the ticket types to the seating categories you have created - see here
  13. You're ready to share your page!


Once you have published the main page for your event, there are a few customisations you can add to achieve the example in this template.  These are generally found within the Manage Event section.

Add custom text to order confirmation email & page

In this event template, we have included an additional order & email confirmation text to let the participants know where they can find the online event. This is perfect if you have a non-public video stream and wish to share the link only with people that give a donation or buy access. Also, you can create a video of your class/event available for replay to people that donate as a perk. To do this:

  1. Go to My Events
  2. Click Manage on the event page 
  3. Navigate to Customisation & Design
  4. Choose Tickets & Orders. Here you can add an additional message that is going to appear on the order confirmation email. If you want this to appear on the order confirmation page too, just tick Include on the order confirmation page  & click Save

Add a custom booking question for participants

If you would like to collect extra information about your participants (ex. or asking for the registration number of the vehicle to verify) you can do so with Booking Questions

  1. Go to My Events
  2. Click Manage on the event page 
  3. Navigate to Customisation & Design
  4. Choose Booking Questions. Here you can create questions that your participants have to answer before they complete a purchase (there's also an option to ask these questions after the purchase). Just follow the template to create a question. You can also simply follow this guide to adding additional booking questions

    Now you can add the link to this page in your online class description, or make it a part of your Facebook event, Instagram profile description & other promotional tools. 

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