Divine Trilogy - A journey to the Heart

Mar 26 2018 18:30 - 21:30

The Hut - The Heart of Chelsea, Alpha Place, SW3 5SY London

You are invited to join us, Amir Jaan, Linda de Barra and Dominique Annaliese.

A divine trilogy of Cacao, Kundalini/Breathe Work and Sound Alchemy.

The evening will include Kundalini & Pranayama with the internationally recognised Yogi Master Amir Jaan, who has a gift for neutralizing the atmosphere of both the outer world and inner seascape’s of attendees. Amir will set the stage with his sublime and powerful breathe work and movement to remove stagnant energy, paving the way for Cacao ‘the heart opening teacher’ that will be charged with mantras, sacred geometry, crystals and herbs facilitated by Linda.. Which will open a magical door way to the heart allowing for and blocks to be cleared for Dominique Annaliese through her beautiful, sensitive and intuitive music (gong bath and singing bowls) will gently lead us all into a divine spiritual journey of exploration and self discovery.

Theme – connecting to pure source, activating our soul purpose. The power of intention, making space to allow positive change and new experiences to flow into your lives. Stepping forward to embrace our dreams.

The evening will be held for 3 hours... Firstly welcomed with Rose and Crystal activated tea while you settle into your space, opened by a beautiful Cacao and Fire ceremony, you will then be led by Amir into 90 minutes of Kundalini and Breathe work and closed with a relaxing Sound Ceremony. All yoga mats, cushions and blankets will be provided in the most beautiful environment in Chelsea.

The energy exchange and investment is £100 per person. There are limited places, so please book to reserve your space.

We very much look forward to sharing this sacred healing journey of self-discovery.

With Love Amir, Linda and Dominique

***Address*** The Hut , Alpha Place, SW3, Chelsea

About Amir Jaan,

Amir was classically trained in the Spiritual Art of Kundalini Yoga under the close observations of a host of world-renowned and internationally revered Guru mentors for 10 years and is almost 2 decades on from being a novice student. Amir is now a senior mentor to hundreds of students himself, having worked for many years with members of the general public.

Amir also has a private client list and worldwide consultancy that compromises and includes Top Level professional sports men and women, business leaders, celebrities and CEO’s of large multi national organizations. Having conducted in excess of 35,000 thousand public and private classes in London and across the world. Amir Jaan brings a reassuring calmness into any learning environment.
Amir’s specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the field of Humanolgy make him a powerful instrument to assist those with a desire or need to approach character and health reformation, in an organic, safe and self healing way.

Linda De Barra

‘My mission, To highlight the interdependent relationship between mankind, nature, spirit and all forms of life on earth. Building a web of like minded souls to inspire conscious change starting from within, educating on the importance of ‘ Plant Consciousness’ through the ceremonial use of the sacred bean Kakau ‘Cacao’ medicine of the divine force LOVE. A heart centered anchor taking us from fear to love’.

My spiritual activation began after a serious road accident India. During my healing processes many truths where revealed to me my quest for alternative therapies were born and my shamanic journey began.
Having extensive experience and knowledge learning from master shamans and gifted healers from different indigenous cultures and traditions that recognized beauty single unifying quality as a perceptional luminous state of well being devoid of dis-ease that plagues a body out of balance with itself and its environment. Linda has been working with teacher plants and holding private ceremonies and one on ones for the past 10 years, and has now been called to bring the Cacao into the mainstream.

‘I have been called at this time to come forward and use my healing gifts to facilitate ceremonies using the sacred medicine Cacao to enable more people to experience it. I am amazed by the simplicity and depth of cacao. It is a gentle yet potent plant and should be used with reverence.

Dominique Annaliese

"Sound is the medicine of the future, and it's already here," says Sound Therapist Dominique Annaliese.

"Quantum physics shows us that we are all made of vibrations which can be measured in frequencies,"

"If we surrender to the beauty of the frequencies, we can discover a whole different level of healing which we never thought would be possible,"

"Those frequencies have a sound, hence we are all made of sounds,"

Dominique trained in Sound with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Classically trained in the violin as a child, her love of music has always resonated deeply within her.

Since qualifying as a yoga teacher in 2012, under the renowned David Swenson, Dominique has facilitated yoga retreats in London, Ibiza, and Mexico, and Sound Therapy was an intuitive next step for her.

A deep connection with plant medicines has also been transformational in Dominique's yogic path, inspiring her to delve deeper into union, and supporting her practices.

Dominique's sound and yoga have also been enriched through her travels and deep work with shamans and medicine facilitators worldwide.

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