Discover Pet Nat

Apr 21 2020 19:00 - 21:00

Yield N16, 44-45, N16 9PX London

Pet Nat - Petillant Naturel, Methode Ancestrale, Col Fondo - call them what you will these fun-loving, cloudy, yeast infused sparkling wines are taking over. Pet Nat has slowly been cementing its place as a genuine alternative to traditional method sparkling wines and Prosecco. The range of styles, colours and flavours is vast and whereas only a few years ago Pet Nats were made by a small number of old-world (mainly French and Italian) producers there are now fantastic examples coming out of faraway places such as New Zealand and Canada. We'll be sampling Pet Nats from near (Sussex) and far (Australia) right across the spectrum from white to orange to red. Five wines accompanied by a selection of Neals Yard cheese and artisan charcuterie.

This event is ticketed at £30 per person and includes cheese, charcuterie and other nibbles for you to enjoy. You will also be able to purchase wines on the night and receive a 10% discount.

We'll be popping corks at 7 pm and look forward to welcoming you then!