Disconnect to Reconnect

Sep 14 2019 10:30 - 16:30

Hub67, 67 Rothbury Rd, E9 5HA London

Disconnect to Reconnect - Mindfulness for the Modern World

Mindfulness awakens our senses to the present and enables us to recognise habitual, and other patterns, providing us with opportunities to change should we wish! Mindfulness has been proven to benefit our physical, emotional and mental health. In the 21st century there are countless distractions such as social media, smart phones and live streaming, which can be fun and useful, YET they are designed to be addictive and we can experience compulsive and addictive behaviours, which often affect our moods and drain our time and energy. During this urban retreat you will experience a digital detox, as we turn off our devices, and experience a variety of Mindfulness practices, enabling you to reconnect more fully to yourself. You will also learn a variety of ways to develop a healthier relationship with technology and other distractions.

This retreat day is for anyone who wishes to take time out of their busy life, practice mindfulness with likeminded people, experience a variety of mindfulness practices and learn how to manage impulses, compulsions and addictive behaviours such as smartphone and technology use.

What to expect:

- Retreat from the hustle and bustle of stressful city life and spend mindful time in a conveniently located peaceful venue, where we have the building and outdoor space to ourselves!

- Experience a digital detox, as I encourage you to turn off your phone. The majority of time will be spent in silence, other than my meditation guidance. I will fully facilitate and hold the silent space.

- Experience a variety of guided Mindfulness practices including walking in nature, sitting and standing.

- Experience shorter Mindfulness practices that can be implemented in your everyday life to assist you manage social media or other compulsive behaviours.- Information and tips on how to mindfully manage smart phone/electronic usage.

    - You will experience guided gentle mindful movement – light yoga stretches.

    - Connecting to transition of the summer to autumn season whilst walking mindfully in nature along the canal and in the Olympic Park

    - There will be space given towards the end of the day for you to share your experience and insights from this retreat day.

    - Refreshments of a variety of teas, coffee, juice, biscuits and fruit will be provided. Bring a vegetarian lunch to share.

    - Facilitated by an experienced Mindfulness Teacher who is passionate about Mindfulness and registered with the UK Mindfulness Network.

    Benefits of Mindfulness:

    Thousands of peer reviewed scientific research papers demonstrate that regular mindfulness meditation practice is beneficial to our emotional, physical and mental health. It is shown to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and improve general well-being. Other benefits of mindfulness include pain reduction, improved working memory and prevention of depression- relapse.

    Course Facilitator:

    I worked for 10 years’ as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, within Higher Education, private practice, Public and Charity sectors. I am now a self-employed Mindfulness Teacher. I’m an experienced group facilitator and I’ve been meditating for over 10 years. The positive impact that Mindfulness has had on my life led me to train as a Meditation teacher, where I facilitate courses, retreats, mindfulness in nature and one-to-one skype sessions. My teaching style is professional, relaxed, friendly and inclusive. I am listed as a teacher on the UK Mindfulness Network register. I’ve been leading Mindful walks in East London for the past 18 months.

    I’ve completed the Foundation and Teacher 1 courses at Bangor University, I continue my Mindfulness training via the Teacher Training Pathway (TTP) at The Mindfulness Network and Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University.


    Hackney Wick Overground Station – Closest Station

    2 mins walk from Hackney Wick Station. Hub 67 can be seen from station exit.

    3 minute journey from Stratford Station. Trains run every 8 mins

    Stratford Station to Hub 67 – 21 minute walk through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    About the venue:

    In 2014, the London Legacy Development Corporation built Hub67. 80% of the materials used to build the Hub were recycled from the Olympic site, blending the space into the landscape of Hackney Wick. It’s a spacious, modern, high ceiling building with plenty of natural day light. It has a kitchen and seated outdoor space for our breaks. It is conveniently located 2 mins from Hackney Wick Station, which is one stop from Stratford.


    Early bird £55. Early bird offer ends Sunday 25th August. £65 thereafter.  Booking is essential and closes on Thursday 12th September.  Maximum group size 14 participants. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book.

    elizabethkeates111@gmail.com or 07885 519226

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Elizabeth Keates 

    Mindfulness Teacher

    Elizabeth Keates - Mindful Living