Diabolical Roses

Feb 13 2016 18:00 - 22:00

Secret location, Birmingham, B5 Birmingham

Diabolical Roses is an immersive food-based art event to be licked, sucked and savoured. An alternative Valentines experience for the more daring diner, this new production has been conceived to explore themes of romance, sex and unity through a marriage of food and performance. Diabolical Roses proposes new ways to consider ‘love’ through a mouthwatering menu penetrated with performance, which together provide a rich multisensory experience.

Diabolical Roses will contribute to a new set of imaginative possibilities in gastronomy, performance and visual arts, using the dining table as a stage and suggesting unexpected ways in which food might be consumed.

This production has been conceived and developed by Kaye Winwood and Sarah Hamilton Baker in collaboration with chef Chris Hughes.

Sample Menu
Shot Through the Heart An amuse bouche of skewered hearts
Consummation A beetroot consommé with labial dumplings
Tenderloins Venison tenderloins
Kiss A lip tingling palate cleanser
Diabolical Roses Raspberry breasts with rose petals
Petit-Morts A climactic encounter

(A vegetarian option will be available)

Please note that the venue is inaccessible by wheelchair, and has no lift access

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