Design quality in Nottingham

Aug 20 2019 13:30 - 18:30

Urban Room, 38 Carrington St, NG1 7FG Nottingham

Following the launch of the DQF drafts (, we would like to invite you to an architect-specific event on the 20th August, 2-6pm at the Urban Room, 38 Carrington St, Nottingham.

We insist we need to establish a basic minimum threshold of design quality as an “entry level” for pre-planning/planning applications. However, we also acknowledge that the design quality debate is far larger and deeper than the aims of the initial DQF guides, and that perhaps, it goes beyond the powers of such framework and requires other strategies.

We would like to open up a conversation with local architects about serious issues regarding design quality and the current planning system. We hope you can join us to discuss:

  • The role of local practices in shaping the city
  • Barriers to optimum design quality in Nottingham
  • How the planning process can facilitate and promote high quality architecture
  • Action plan for delivering high quality architecture