Design Guide for Good Living

Aug 22 2019 17:30 - 20:00

Urban Room, 38 Carrington Street, Nottingham

Nottingham City Council’s Development & Growth Department is launching a Design Quality Framework for Nottingham (, which will be part of the Local Plan. This encompasses design standards, planning processes and engagement guidance that aim to raise the quality of design in the city. The Design Guide for Good Living is being developed with Nottingham Good Food Partnership: a document that will incentivise developers to incorporate key elements that support the health and wellbeing, contributing to the vision of a carbon neutral Nottingham by 2028. This workshop will look at defining the contents and best practice examples for the guide.


5.00 - 5.30 Registration

5.30 - 5:45 Nottingham City Council - DQF context

5.45- 6.00 Nottingham Good Food Partnership - Citizens Shaping Nottingham's Food Growing Future

6.00 - 6.20 An aerial view of the city's green spaces - Mo Langmuir

6.20 - 6.40 Workshop: Review on DGGL survey results

6.40 - 7.15 Interactive session - mapping ideas for the DQF/DGGL

7.15 - 7.50 Dinner and chatting

7.50 - 8.00 Next steps & close