Deadcuts + A Void + The Madeline Rust

May 03 2019 19:00 - 23:00

Rough Trade Nottingham, 5 Broad St, NG1 3AJ Nottingham

A night of post punk and Grungey mayhem, bringing together London's, Paris' and Nottinghams' finest in the heart of Nottingham's Lace Market.



From the Dark heart of London come Deadcuts who have played/collaborated with the likes of Beatrice Brown, Peter Doherty, Goth Money, Beach Slang, The Libertines, John Perry and have recently collaborated on the US hit single with New York rap group Flatbush Zombies on the song "Aries", which features in the Marvel Comics "Black Panther" TV series.

Following a joint 7” release with Nottingham’s Diablofurs and a future 7" with Damian Done they are finishing work with Youth of Killing Joke and possibly Marc Waterman to release their third album "Reveal the Love" the follow up to their critically acclaimed sophomore "Hit on all Sixes" , 

A Void

"Has anyone said fourchette-genou?" "I can't hear my bass guitar" "What is that smell?" A VOID is a 3 piece sonic band composed of Camille Alexander, Marie Niemiec and Aaron Hartmann.

"This band is destined for greatness" " If you haven’t managed to see the band live, I would urge you to get to a gig. Failing that get the album “Awkward and Devastated”. It’s awesome, just like these guys." - Wildspiritz magazine UK

“A VOID led by Camille Kennedy are one of the best of the new young bands popping up”“Awkward And Devastated is a clear contender for debut album of the year.” - Devolution Magazine UK 

“Aaron Hartmann‘s bass lines […] would almost feel like hearing Krist Novoselic !”  “Marie Niemec on drums, but also on backvocals. And the least we can say is that it fits perfectly with the voice of Camille Alexander Kennedy“ “Weird, Strange […] FOURCHETTE GENOU” “Nothing to envy to a SUB-POP disc ! - "The Unchained (FR)

The Madeline Rust

"A David Lynch Road Trip. Rock ‘n’ Roll Noir"

" This is the sound of sex and violence, desire and despair. It’s a David Lynch road trip. Rock ‘n’ roll noir. Moody Americana blended with early 90s grunge and fed into a blender with Natural Born Killers, processed and reconstructed in Britain."David Flint, Reprobate Press

"Mix the best bits of Throwing Muses, Tarnation and Bettie Serveert together and you'll be in the same ballpark as The Madeline Rust." Mat Handley, You, The Night and The Music

"Quite simply, there is nothing remotely close to this band, they are unique. They deliver loud, emotional and powerful music, take it or leave it. 21 Girls delivers, it takes the template set with Truth or Consequences and expands upon it. This album is the full package of writing, performance and atmosphere from beginning to end." Chris McGranaghan, TOR Records

"It does what all music should do, taking you to a place you might never otherwise visit and revealing truths you might not care to think about." David Flint, Reprobate Press

"21 Girls is an album full of atmosphere and stunning music from a very unique band." Geoff Penn, PROGPLANET

14+ Ticket

GBP 9.00 + GBP 1.26 fee