Cycle Speed Dating (women/men, all ages) | BYObike Date & Ride | London

Oct 15 2017 12:00 - 15:30

Look Mum No Hands! Lmnh Kitchen, 101 Back Church Lane, E1 1L4 London

Please note this event is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. x

Cycle Speed Dating on your bike! Join us for a leisurely ride with dates and a pint afterwards at the Look Mum No Hands! lmnh kitchen.

Cycle Speed Dating is for everyone who likes riding a bicycle. We give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a relaxed environment.

This time we take Cycle Speed Dating outside so we can enjoy some fresh air, good views and hopefully sunshine while we get to know each other.

Bring your own bicycle or rent one*, meet at the Look Mum No Hands! pop-up and go for a leisurely ride for about 1,5 hours. During this time you’ll get the chance to cycle with different people and we’ll end the ride at the café for a well-deserved pint.

Your ticket includes a drink (after the ride) and a light snack (during the ride) plus a match mail in your inbox the day after the event.

Please note that even though we do everything to make sure we ride as safely as possible as a group, you are responsible for your own safety at all times. Cycle Speed Dating cannot be held responsible for any damage related to you or your belongings during this event.

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*If you don't have a bike or can't bring yours, you could get one of these or hire one at London Bicycle.

Picture: Cycle Speed Dating in New Zealand earlier this year.

Please note tickets are not refundable and we have the right to cancel the event at any time in which case you will receive a refund. This event is aimed at folk aged 25 and up, men get to date women and women get to date men. Everybody is welcome at our events. Love has no labels. Age is just a number. We refer to ‘men’ and ‘women’ but are aware there are many other shades of gender identity as well as orientation.

Interested in a men only, women only or bi-cycle speed dating? Different age range? Email us at cyclespeeddating at gmail dot com to register your interest x

Please find an overview of FAQ below and don't hesitate to email us if you have any further questions.


Who are you?
We love cycling and everything that comes with it. We want to contribute to a positive London cycling culture. We also want to give like-minded people the chance to meet eachother, offline.

Where does the Cycle Speed Dating event take place?
We've been doing it at different locations, this event will take place at the lmnh kitchen in Whitechapel.

o I need to purchase my ticket in advance?
Yes, please do buy your ticket in advance, we want to get the balance right between the number of men and women so please book your ticket as soon as possible.

Do I need to own a bike?
We think being a cyclist is more than owning a bike. We welcome everyone who feels like a cyclist. It's in the heart. For this event you will need a bicycle, Bring Your Own or hire one.

Can I bring a friend?
It's great to go on a speed dating session with a group of friends. You will surely make some memories! Everyone attending the event needs to hold a ticket.

I bought a ticket, now what?
Please wait for an email confirmation. We'll send you an email with all details the day before the event.

I can't make it after all, can I get a refund?
Generally we can't, sorry! Feel free to pass your ticket on to someone who can make it (just make sure to update the information we hold). If you can't make it we kindly ask you to let us know.

Can I attend on my own?
Yes, this is the place to meet like-minded people and maybe even a very special person. If you're coming on your own then please don't be scared as there will be awesome souls around. We're in it together.

It's my first time, what's a speed date like?
A speed date is a short date. This way you can meet several people with similar interests in a short amount of time. The dates last three to four minutes, which is often enought to find out if you would like to see someone again.

Everyone attending the event will receive a piece of paper on which notes can be made about the people you meet and to let us know who you would like to meet again. After the event we will email you to let you know if there was a match. A match is when you both want to see each other again.

Cycle Speed Dating has brought couples together and also friendships have been formed since we started in 2013. It's also a good way to 'practise' dating and to get to know new people.

What happens if I like someone during the event?
Everyone attending the event will receive a piece of paper on which you can make notes about the people you meet and let us know if you would like to meet someone again. After the event we will email you to let you know if there was a match. A match is when you both want to see each other again.And of course, if you want, you can tell someone you like him/her during the event!

Does age matter?
Age is just a number, but based on experiences and feedback, we have decided to organise events for different age groups. This is not set in stone though. Email us at if you're unsure.

My age is not in the age range of the event, can I sign up anyway?
We have based the age range on research and experiences, but you will know best if this is the event for you.

What do I wear?
Come as you are.

What does my ticket include?
Your ticket includes one free drink, the professional hosting at Look Mum No Hands! during the event and an email afterwards with your matches.

I find it hard to start a conversation with a stranger, help?
We have chosen a wonderful location for the event which will make you feel at ease. Don't forget you probably have three things in common to start with: you're a cyclist, a Londoner and you're single!

What do I do when I don't like someone three minutes can take forever?
We will make sure to give you something to talk about!

How do I contact you?
Please contact us via and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Ticket - women

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