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Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

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Jun 29 2024 12:00 - Oct 25 2024 14:00



In today's world, the power of marketing has trumped all other aspects involved in selling the product. Packaging has become a matter of insane focus for the brands selling their products on a retail level. It is the first point of contact between the product and the consumer. Packaging plays the role of ambassador for the product and carries the personality of the brand. Thus, one of the most potent ways to enhance the appeal of the products is by packing them in tailored boxes. These are custom-built boxes for the clients and are crafted keeping every aspect of the brand personality in mind.

Cardboard boxes are a common form of packaging for at least two centuries. Its main purpose is to protect the products stored inside from damage. However, in recent times, it has evolved into custom-printed boxes. This innovative packaging carries numerous benefits. Despite satisfying its main function of protecting the product, it enhances the appeal of the product and conveys insights to the consumers, resulting in informed buying decisions. By including these custom printed boxes in the marketing strategy, brands become capable of reaching their sales goals.

With the ever-increasing contest in the retail sector, brands are striving to find the right casings for their products which make them stand out from competitors. These boxes carry a lot of weight in the attraction of the product on the shelf. These boxes are designed with a logo, slogans, tag lines, and other brand-related details. Moreover, by inculcating bold graphics, striking colors, and innovative designs, these boxes can become a work of art that enhances the appeal of the products inside.

Types of Custom-Printed Boxes

In almost all countries micro and macro brands are prevalent. All of these brands require packaging for their products. Therefore, these boxes are needed in every country. There are mainly 5 types of customized boxes that are created in the market.

Kraft boxes

Kraft boxes are made with paper which is similar to gift paper. It is mostly used for gift wrapping and is an ideal paper for food packaging. It is considered a safe material and is known for its resilience. Products remain safe when packed with this paper during transport and as well as storage. It is comparatively a cheap option for packaging and bodes well with food items, electronics, and cosmetics. It is also appreciated for its eco-friendliness.

Rigid boxes

These boxes are its namesake rigid and tough and are bought in bulk by retailers for packaging heavy items like electronics. These are built from hard materials such as paperboard or cardboard and offer safety to even high-end items like jewelry and glass items such as home decor products. Rigid boxes can be customized with embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and other such coatings, to enhance their appeal.

Corrugated boxes

These boxes are strong and durable. The technology of today allows companies to perform custom printing on these sturdy boxes as well. These are purchased by companies wholesale and are ideal for shipping. These boxes are also cost-friendly and can be printed with graphics, branding elements, and product information.

Mailer boxes

These are ideally suited for E-commerce companies whose priority is to deliver their products safely and securely. These boxes can be printed with brand attributes, instructions on how to unbox, and promotional information. These boxes are easy to assemble and come in various sizes and shapes.

Display boxes

These are go-to boxes for retail environments and play a significant role in allowing brands to attract customers and meet their sales goals. When an individual goes into a store he is looking at display boxes of all kinds and types. The creation of these boxes takes the most effort as brands have to work closely with vendors to create boxes that reflect the brand values, and marketing objectives. Therefore, these boxes are printed with engaging graphics, contain catchy product images, and come with elegant textures to appeal to the shoppers.

Latest trends in custom-printed boxes

In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, consumers' buying psychology and preferences are constantly changing. The pace of change is so fast that what may be in fashion a year ago will not be in fashion anymore. Thus the marketing teams of brands need to be focused on research and surveys to find out what’s trending in the current time. We have played our part in compiling the list of trends that are most in fashion.

Focus on sustainability

The foremost thing is eco-friendliness. It is a concept that is in increasing focus and will remain so for an infinite amount of time. It is highly lauded by all stakeholders involved including the consumers. Sustainability has become central to the corporate social responsibility. Therefore, eco-friendly materials like Kraft paper and cardboard have become the preferred materials for vendors. It’s the recyclability, renewability, and biodegradability of these materials that make them the go-to choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Nature trumps artificiality

More designers of packing boxes are focusing on natural shades and colors and making them central to their design strategy. Minimalistic appearances with natural shades give an earthly appeal to the products which will never go out of fashion.

Modern artwork and smooth texture feel

If both of these elements are taken care of then there is a high chance that the marketing team will be able to emotionally connect with the consumers. Impactful artwork like fonts graphics and elegant textures inspire the audience's mind. Those brands with innovative approaches to these two aspects can gain a competitive advantage in a very crowded market.


The importance of packaging can be gauged by the fact that is the first thing about your product that interacts with the customer. Making sure that it is an intricate work of art results in curiosity in customers to explore the product.

A dedicated team of designers works on custom-printed boxes to create personalized experiences for consumers and effectively communicate the brand's value and personality. The best vendor for such boxes is one that creates interactive designs and keeps sustainability at the core of their manufacturing process. Therefore, by maintaining sustainability, and creativity, and harnessing the knowledge of consumer psychology, custom printing boxes have the potential to gain customer loyalty and advocacy.



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