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Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes

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Previously, companies used to use simple cardboard boxes to deliver their products to customers. However, to compete in today’s market, you have to do much more. In such a competitive world, it is easy for customers to switch to other companies if you don’t live up to the mark. However, how do they know if our product is quality or not, without trying it? You guessed it! The packaging. Custom packaging boxes are the first interaction between you and the customer. So, a clear strategy regarding this can go far in terms of generating positive word of mouth, social media success, and, most importantly, revenue.

Custom Packaging: What is It?

The basic definition of custom packaging is that it is a packaging strategy that is built around the company’s requirements. It is a getaway from using a standard box for your product and using custom packaging boxes designed specifically for the product’s size and shape. This is the basic definition of custom packaging, but it doesn’t tell us the full story. Custom Packaging Boxes are not just creating a box and adding your product to deliver it. They also provide companies with a great opportunity to build a connection with customers and improve engagement by telling them about the company’s mission and benefits. Before looking at the benefits, let’s look at what materials are used to make these packages.

Materials Used for Custom Packaging Boxes


Having properties that make it light, custom packaging boxes made from paperboard are beneficial because they can be formed into different shapes and sizes. Paperboard boxes have different types, which include:

Bleached Boxes: The white description seen on these boxes is because the exterior is clay-coated. The smooth texture of the material makes such custom packaging boxes perfect for storing perishable items like meat and pastries.

Kraft Boxes: Looking for a more natural look? Custom packaging boxes made from Kraft paper can be the best for you. Its rusty and rough appearance attracts people who are into going green. This material doesn’t only look solid but also provides a great option for packaging heavy materials like detergents, or soft drinks.

Chipboard boxes: Are you on a tight budget? Consider using a chipboard for your packaging needs. However, boxes made from chipboard are not suitable for heavy products since they tend to lose their strength when stored after a certain period.

Corrugated Cardboard

These are cardboard boxes and are famously known to store sneakers by many famous brands worldwide. The feature that sets corrugated cardboard boxes is that they contain flute-like shapes in between each layer. The greater the size of the flute the more cushioning your product gets.

Rigid Paperboard

Custom packaging boxes made with rigid paperboard may be costlier than others but they do provide great safety to your product. They are an ideal option for long-distance shipping as they are made out of condensed paperboard. This material is preferably used to package delicate products like jewelry, and mobile phones.

Benefits of Custom Packaging Boxes

Make Your First Impression Count

Let's face it. Many of us have never bought high-end brands like Gucci, or Luis Viton. However, the general perception most of us have about their products is quality. Why is that? Well, it’s because they have worked on their designs and their market strategy in a way that people automatically think “luxury”. This is a similar case for all businesses. If you want customers to think of you in a positive way you have to do something extra. Custom packaging boxes are one way to begin.

A Handy Marketing Tool

Want your customer to perceive your product as cheerful, or high-end? You’ll need to market it that way. Custom packaging boxes are made through a well-thought-out process. Which includes the colors to insert and the positioning of the elements like logos, ingredients, etc. Eventually, the package comes together like a puzzle. Every brand’s goal is to develop a healthy connection with its customers, it's the basic factor to make a company successful. However, without any communication, your brand won’t have any identity, which will make it hard to increase sales. So, a great packaging strategy is a crucial part of the goal of positive brand awareness.

Increase Customer Experience

Ever watched an unboxing video? Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are filled with them. This only means one thing! Customers do care about the ease and experience they have when unboxing a product, they bought online. When a video regarding your brand is posted online, your brand awareness receives a huge boost. This increases sales and profits, which every company works for. If you are dealing in the e-commerce market, then a package that is pleasing to the eyes and is also comfortable to open can make your brand stick to the customer’s head. Who would have thought that such minor details could make or break the customer experience? However, don’t get it mixed up, the product still needs to be up to par. Custom Skin Care Boxes is just a way to increase the customer experience.

Are Friendly to The Environment

As a company, following environment-friendly practices is important in this era. Custom packaging boxes made with paper and other such materials make it easier to recycle and reuse. These boxes are also produced in a manner that won't affect the environment. Raw materials like cardboard, and Kraft, are produced safely and they don’t require any chemicals and minerals that affect the atmosphere. This also improves your brand image, as customers today are concerned about issues like global warming and opt to buy from brands that follow steps to minimize their carbon footprint.


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