Curriculum & Pedagogy, Curiosity & Continuous Provision that Counts - The Early Years Exploration Station

Mar 28 2020 09:00 - 14:45

Alexander Pope Hotel, Cross Deep, TW1 4RB Twickenham

What is the most common complaint about Early Years education ... that all they do is play?

Well, have you ever considered what scientists do? They take one thing and investigate it, they look at it from different angles, they combine it with other things, they heat it up they cool it down. They talk about it with others and use language that really describes what they are seeing and experiencing. They investigate it, they measure it, they weigh it... and on it goes.

Grown, intelligent adults are paid to play! Why then can't we apply this to our youngest children? Rather than teaching them the things that others have learnt before him, empower them to learn for themselves - investigate, starting with something that really excites them.

Let them become Early Years Investigators.

Don't know how to go about this? 

Well the new revolution in Early Years starts with ‘The Early Years Exploration Station’, the liveliest most innovative training you have ever been on. You will come away empowered to provide language development, early maths, perfectly matched continuous provision and so much more. Not only that but as a professional educator you will be able to explain to the parents and anyone else who is interested just what they children are doing, why they are doing it and how they are managing to learn so much so young without being subjected to the race to read.

Learning becomes a pleasure not a pressure and you will never be short of ideas that stimulate excite and extend the children's learning again.