Jul 12 2018 18:00 - Jul 13 2018 02:00

The Black Box, 18-22 Hill St, BT1 2LA Belfast

Curfew Fest!

Curfew returns after a ten year hiatus. A lot has happened, a lot has changed, but the reasons for it's existence still hold as true as ever - the want and need to normalise the city of Belfast over the July marching season, specifically the 12th. There is a wide cross section of people across Northern Ireland who would rather spend their day enjoying themselves watching bands, seeing friends and generally hanging out, than marching down roads, protesting on roads, yadda yadda yadda. You've heard it all before. Pick a side, pick no side, either way leave it at home and come party like it's 2002-2008.

This year we're at the Black Box and Voodoo. Black Box kicks us off at 4pm, ending around 11.30pm, while Voodoo kicks off at 5.30pm, ending around 2.00am. A ticket gets you into either venue - we were only able to add one to the event listing, but this IS at the Black Box AND Voodoo in Belfast. Both venues have a capacity of 240, so with so many people hopefully coming down it may come to a point were we have to operate a one in / one out policy - so get round early to whatever you want to see!

Tickets cheapest in advance!

Bands playing - the important part!

What better way than using a poster - visual aids rock. Big thanks to Fiona McDonnell Illustration for this -

Tickets will be more on the door!

All Day Fun Times

Not Available