Creative Matters Day 4 (Sunday 18)

Sep 18 2016 11:00 - 18:00

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, SE1 9PH London

Creative Matters
A New Forum for Creative Futures
15-18 September 2016

Creative Matters: How creatives, institutions and businesses are collaborating to anticipate, shape and stimulate future economies.

A 4 day curated programme of Talks, Workshops, Master classes, Round table discussions, Installations, Exhibitions and Networking Events taking place in and around OXO Tower Wharf during the London Design Festival.

Creativity matters now more than ever, for the planet, for its peoples, for cities, for businesses and for the young. What was once seen as a ‘side-show’ is now recognised as essential.

But what does that really mean?

Working creatively is critical for everyone in an uncertain future where no one knows even what jobs we’ll all be doing, or how we will manage our resources, or even where or how we will be living.

Creative Matters is an investigation into this emerging Sector and an invitation to collaborate, network, research and create a dialogue. We hold out a hand to you to join us in this endevour, to bring your resources, your ideas, your teams and your talents to anticipate, shape and direct a possible future where creativity is the key driver. Creative Matters.

These days are an opportunity to present, exchange knowledge, experience, and of course to connect.

Join creative thinkers, practitioners, institutions and businesses to debate, forecast and shape the role of creativity in future economies.

Sunday Highlights Include

Ben Tallon 'Dream Clients Are Child's Play'

Ben is an Illustrator and Art Director and the voice behind the <strong>Arrest All Mimics</strong> podcast in 'Dream Clients Are Child's Play' Ben will talk about how his childhood obsessions with WWE, He Man and Football inform his practice.

'The core thread to my book, <strong>Champagne and Wax Crayons</strong>, is the organic, haphazard path from my childhood pleasures of drawing, professional wrestling and football through to a career full of ups and downs in the creative industry, but ultimately one that has led me to dream clients because so never deviated from the things others would later consider immature or nothing more than a hobby.

Telling funny, useful and hard-learned stories of utilising my passions, the key pillars of my childhood in order to unlock doors to various people, companies, levels of experience and ultimately some of the world's biggest clients, the talk will focus on why it is crucial to always play. The focus on enjoyment of the learning process is often forgotten once past our teens, when in fact, embracing both the opportunities that feel risky and ones inner child, are optimum ways to find your niche and stand out in the creative industries.'

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