Create The Life You Want - Vision Board Workshop With Lana

Mar 04 2018 16:00 - 18:00

3 Monmouth Rd, w2 London

“Reality is built out of thought, and our every thought begins to create our reality.” – Edgar Cayce

Join us for a peaceful Sunday afternoon as we gather together in a beautiful space in Notting Hill, London, to explore the art of visualisation and vision boarding. This workshop creates the space for us to tap into what it is that we really want to attract into our lives. Through a little visualisation meditation and vision boarding we can begin to explore what really fuels us, what lights us up and where we want our energy to go and grow. It is an opportunity to get creative and to connect to our true selves and an opportunity to help us understand that we are the creators of our own reality.

Many years ago in the middle of my journey of healing I was introduced to the power of visualisation and vision boarding. Whilst these activities were making a come back in my later life, they were reconnecting me to my younger self and the days I allowed myself to daydream. Once upon a time daydreaming was a natural everyday activity for me. It was a space I’d be able to go to seek solace. It was my happy place. A place I would go to every night before I’d drift into deep sleep. Being teased in my younger years for being a ‘daydreamer’ or for living in a ‘fantasy’ world, I was amazed when my therapist whilst providing space for me to feel through my depression and anxiety in my mid 20’s had suggested visualising and vision boards. An instant relief came when I felt like I finally had the permission again to do the things that once fuelled me so much.

Since then I have often spoken with friends about how many of the things I used to dream about as a kid have manifested their ways into my reality now. I stop to always thank the Universe in my progress as I realise the incredible benefits of visualisation.

How does visualising and vision boards work?

We are the creators of our own reality. Where our focus goes our energy flows. Everything in life is a vibration. This was hugely studied by Albert Einstein.

The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. If we travel back to a school chemistry class we might remember learning about atoms, and that everything is made up of atoms. These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. Sound is also a vibration and so are our thoughts. As we transmit thoughts and vibrations we receive matching vibrations and frequencies. Everything that manifests itself in our lives is there because it matches our vibrations including but not limited to, our thoughts. Therefore what we put out we get back.

The exercise of visualisation has the great benefit of creating space for these thoughts in our minds which is automatically sending out the vibration but also through visualisation we are able to feel through these thoughts and feelings extending those vibrations further into the ether. Usain Bolt has repeatedly state that before every race he visualises winning. Many people have put visualisation into practice and once we start to feel them we can start to believe them and once we start to believe them we create space for them to happen in our lives. A great way to bring us back to these visualisations is with a vision board. We then have our thoughts, visions and dreams physically there to remind us, of all the things we may wish for or want to attract in our lives.

The workshop will be held for 2 hours and will include:

  • -An awesome space with awesome people and lovely music to relax to
  • -A brief welcome & introduction
  • -A 15 minute guided visualisation meditation to begin tapping into what fuels us
  • -Short conversation on the importance of gratitude with manifestation
  • -Vision boarding begins. Each person will be supplied with their own A3 board that we will work on for the afternoon using various images and words to create a collage of all the things we want to attract. All materials for this will be supplied. This board will be yours to take home and keep.

What you will need to bring:

  • -A notebook and pen if you wish to take notes
  • -Wear anything you feel most comfortable in

“As you experience it yourself you experience that the entire material world is nothing but vibration. When we experience the ocean of infinite waves surging within, the river of inner sensations flowing within, the eternal dance of the countless vibrations within every atom of the body. We will witness our continuously changing nature. All of this is happening at an extremely subtle level . . . As you experience the reality of matter to be vibration, you also start experiencing the reality of the mind: consciousness, perception, sensation and reaction. "

General Admission

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