Crafty Purley Beer Festival

Jun 03 2016 17:00 - Jun 04 2016 22:00

Christ Church Purley, Brighton Road (between 861 and 863), CR9 2BN Purley

Crafty Purley Beer Festival 2016.

On Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June 2016, the halls at the beautiful Christ Church in Purley will host the first Crafty Purley Beer Festival . There will be an amazing array of fresh beers available from more than 50 London breweries, as well as a selection of bottles and cans from around the world.



There’ll be beers from Belleville, By the Horns, London Beer Factory and many other London breweries who are leading this hop renaissance, and not least from Croydon’s very own Cronx Brewery.

Ticket for Friday 3rd June

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Ticket for Saturday 4th June

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