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Coloring Pages for Kids - What Are the Benefits of "Coloring"

Coloring Pages for Kids - What Are the Benefits of "Coloring"

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Why is coloring good for kids? Pianeta Mamma educator explains why it is so important for children to learn to color and practice it

Because coloring is good for kids

At an average age of two, children begin to enjoy leaving their “footprint” on a blank page: it’s a new way to “strengthen themselves,” to describe and express themselves differently. easily with online coloring tool Värityskuvia Lapsille. Over time, these early writings become more accurate and meaningful, and the child gradually fills them with color. The coloring activity completes the drawing and the child learns to do it more accurately. Children and teens need to try this activity from kindergarten to high school. But why is it so important for children to practice coloring and coloring, and why is this activity encouraged and promoted in all classes and classes in the school?

The benefits of coloring

  •  Stimulates creativity 

coloring is anything but a monotonous and repetitive activity; colorers find that it can be done in many different ways, in many different colors, with the widest variety of materials and alternative techniques; have the opportunity to choose according to your own taste and purpose, to experience the satisfaction of giving life to a completely unique and personal product.

  •  Improve concentration

Because it ensures that those who dedicate themselves to it perform the work from beginning to end, absorbed in the enjoyment and relaxation that comes from this activity; A colorist can momentarily become alienated from “negative” thoughts and focus solely on the insight they make. Those who do not visually complete what they have started receive negative feedback because their drawing remains clearly unfinished in their and others ’eyes: this in itself is an incentive to complete it and implement it in the best possible way.

  •  Improve your fine motor skills 

It is also an excellent exercise to improve and strengthen hand-eye coordination and thus the development of fine motor skills; as children grow older, they become more and more specific boys who are able to improve their ability to color technically and extend this acquired skill to other areas where they apply the same precision and conscientiousness.

  •  Increases expressiveness

the color and the material used become a means of expressing the inner world; with the choice of color and the way it is applied, the child and the boy also give voice to their feelings for those who, for various reasons, are unwilling or unable to verbalize. Color arrives where words fail,  and becomes  an instrument for the deepest and most sincere moods,  and in this sense increases the author’s ability to express, who may be more or less aware of it.

  •  Get used to respecting the rules

eventually the child first and then the boy learn to stay inside the premises, to respect boundaries and boundaries. In this sense, they get used to following instructions and rules; sometimes they are free to color as they wish, sometimes they have to follow instructions. Thus, through free and / or guided coloring, they alternatively experience  freedom and discipline, creativity, and discipline.

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