Co-PLACE launch & awareness briefing

38 Carrington St, NG1 7FG Nottingham
Jan 28 2020 13:30 - 15:30
Super organiser
Tickets Free - GBP 25.00
Tickets Free - GBP 25.00

The role of officers and designers will radically change in the near future as national and local planning policies are progressing towards a more inclusive and open planning system, with significantly increased community involvement and empowerment.

Emerging national policy will soon put community engagement at the heart of the planning process, at all stages of design.

In preparation for this change, Nottingham City Council has recently launched the Community Engagement Guide, which states the city’s ambitious expectations regarding public involvement in design and planning processes.

This session goes through imminent policy changes and introduces Co-PLACE, a non-for profit partnership initiative based at the Urban Room that aims to bring everyone up to speed with the skills and tools required to meet the new community engagement standards.

Whether you are a designer, a developer, a member of the community or a public sector officer, this session will be incredibly useful to understand the reform and your role in the future. You will also have an opportunity to know about affordable training schemes tailored to a variety of needs. Courses will run from February to September 2020.

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Co-PLACE launch & awareness briefing

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