Clown Life Weekend Intensive- April 23rd & 24th

Apr 23 2016 10:00 - Apr 24 2016 17:00

Pleasance Theatre, United Kingdom, N7 9EF London

Clown Life Weekend Intensive:

Welcome to The Clown Life intensive, a weekend that focuses on: Play, Presence, Humanity, Self-expression, Community, Song, Risk taking/Stepping out of the comfort zone.

These attributes can be incredibly healing also as the nature of the workshop is held in a wondrously supportive & encouraging way. This weekend is an introduction to the philosophies of Clown without expecting you to become one.. We will be looking at how the practice of Clown can help us to live whole heartedly, true to ourselves in every day life and with tons more self-acceptance.

The Study of Clown:

Clown to some may well sound intimidating as well as often being associated with the Barns and Bailey red nosed circus however it is so much more than that! Clown is a deep development process unleashing 'whole hearted' humanity through play, presence and vulnerability. These core topics have been proven by many to benefit ones life exponentially! We've all heard that in order to live fully 'one must dare greatly'. Brené Brown's inspiring research has pointed out the importance of vulnerability through her studies of shame, vulnerability being the birth place of creativity, innovation and change. Clown explores this study through experiential exercises that will awaken your listener, empower your risk taker, challenge your "know it all" and enliven our community spirit. The sharing and bonding experiences of what clown workshops bring are tremoundous, all are wonderously supportive and encouraging.

This workshop will benefit all and especially team leaders, public speakers, decision makers, performers, those who struggle with change/risk or anyone who wants to experience living more whole heartedly and daring more greatly.

Facilitator Bio:

Nelly Scott aka. Zuma Puma is the founder of London's most alternative weekly comedy night, The Lost Cabaret,

and also the Youtube comedy series, Grumpy Lettuce.

Zuma has 9 years of extensive clown training including some of the worlds most renowned teachers; Phillippe Gaulier (1.5 years, Paris) and Francine Cote of Cirque du Soleil (1 year training, Montreal) to mention a few. Her studies have proven that clown is not just a unique art form but a philosophy and way of life. Zuma has been facilitating Clown workshops in performing arts communities in North, Central America and the United Kingdom for the past 6 years and more recently has begun expanding this work to communities outside the performing arts.


EARLY BIRD (until 10th April): £80

Full Price thereafter: £110

Students/Low income: £90

There are just 15 spaces available on this workshop to ensure you will each get the absolute most out of the experience.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Zuma Puma x


The Lost Cabaret:

Grumpy Lettuce:

Brené Brown's Power of Vulnerability:

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