Christmas Unwrapped

Dec 13 2016 19:00 - 23:00
Tickets GBP 6.00 - GBP 12.00
Tickets GBP 6.00 - GBP 12.00

What’s it like to be homeless at Christmas in 2016?

Christmas is coming…

The John Lewis ad, a time to be with the family, exchange presents, enjoy good food, drink too much. For London’s homeless though, Christmas heralds the most difficult and lonely time of the year.

Street sleeping is on the rise, people are losing their homes as benefit cuts bite and family breakdown is intensifying. At Christmas Unwrapped we uncover why growing numbers of people are without a home or separated from their family, and what that means.

After a series of sold out events, 'Christmas Unwrapped' is the latest offering from Beer Here - an organisation running events for London's socially minded young professionals.

Join us for an evening where we hope to inject some meaning into the festive period, reframing it as an opportunity to reconnect with what matters:

  • Learn about the work done by our incredible speakers who've experienced life on the streets and are now working to help others;
  • Enjoy Pot Luck's delicious home cooked meals by the homeless using surplus food;
  • Buy original art created by Homely, an organisation helping young homeless people use their creativity to save up money for their first flats;
  • Bust a move to BYOB's original noughties mashups and hip hop licks;
  • Make a start on New Year's resolutions and donate some time and skills this through our commitment wall.

Tickets are available for £6 (entry), £9 (entry and beer/wine) and £12 (entry and cocktail).

Join us on Tuesday December 13th at the Allpress Espresso Roastery & Cafe at 55 Dalston Lane.

Getting there: Nearest Tube - Dalston Kingsland or Dalston Junction

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Beer Here
Beer Here is a meet up for socially conscious Londoners. We get serious about today's problems in a seriously fun way, so expect drinks, food, and play.
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