Christmas trip | Part 2 | Livestream | Finland

Dec 25 2021 12:00 - 20:00
Tickets GBP 10.20
Tickets GBP 10.20

If this event people like and many people buy tickets or if there is not cancel to this event. This event will be starting. If this event cancel and you buy tickets, you got a money back.

I dont know where we are to outdoor, but let me telling you later about outdoor place then I know where I like to go.

But Outdoor a Christmas part 2 is coming and welcome to virtual outdoor with me! Buy tickets and enjoy a virtual forest!

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Wild Defi

Wild Defi it is a Finnish company and this company doing Wilderness Instructor service for special costumers it that means Wild Defi guide to hiking in the forest for costumers if they are blind, deaf or they cant walk and use wheelchair. I can learn you how to hiking in the forest and show you a best hiking target from Kuhmo and Kainuu too.

There are two form of service. Virtual service selling videos and live streams to the online store and second service its that I can learn you hiking in here on the spot Kainuu or Kuhmo.
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Christmas trip | Part 2 | Livestream | Finland

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