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Chiswick Gong Bath to Relax-Realign-Restore

GBP 15.00


Multiple time slots

24 April 2019 - 22 May 2019


"Thank you for a magical time...I felt so healed, calm and clear afterwards. I also had 10 hours sleep which is pretty amazing for me!"  (Sam)

You are invited to these weekly gong baths at this brand new Chiswick venue in West London. 

All encompassing vibrations and enveloping overtones and undertones will take you on a soundscape journey that asks only that you show up, bed down and surrender. The played tones and vibrations loosen and clear density caused by stress and/or trauma. They 're-tune' and re-align the energy system, effecting brainwaves in such a way as to induce deep meditation.  The parasympathetic nervous system is thus stimulated to create a space of 'rest and digest', a space of deep relaxation where healing can occur. 

Online bookings will secure your place. You can drop-in for a cost of: £18, but you might be turned away if the class is full.

DISCLAIMER: Preliminary after-care support is available upon request. However, you are encouraged to ensure that you have adequate support systems in place if anything comes up for you at SoundSeva events. Please ensure that you read the 'contra-indications' below before booking.

What to Bring

Yoga mat, extra bedding, blankets, cushions, bolsters, etc. anything to make yourself as snug and comfortable as you like. 

Eye masks or a scarf to cover your eyes. 


What to Expect

A unique and personal experience. It is recommended that you enter each gong bath with an open mind, as each encounter may differ from your previous and from the experience of other participants. You will be held and guided by my voice, other instruments, and the gong. The gong is loud and all encompassing. You may totally surrender to the sounds and to deep meditation, or you may meet resistances; sometimes both. All of it is perfect! Trust that the instruments and gongs are played for your highest good. 

But, gong baths aren't for everyone!


are in the first trimester of pregnancy
have a severe mental illness 
have a 'sound sensitive’ condition or conditions that could be triggered by sound. 
have a heart condition or pacemaker; the sound can resonate metal implants, pins, screws, etc. and could change rhythm of pacemakers.  

Email shashay@soundseva.com if you’re unsure and want to discuss further.

"I really can’t put into words how empowering it was. It was the best meditation I have ever done. Thank you Shashay for bringing this wonderful experience to us all, I’m now embracing my journey and I will defiantly be back for more." (Katy) 

About Me

Shashay Kaur, SoundSeva - you can call me 'Sash'

Playing Venus Gong alongside Yoga in the Meadow. A collaboration with 'Muddy Boots', Leicester

'Seva' or 'service' is intrinsic to my culture, life and career. Healing and spirituality is my philosophy and lifestyle; I live, love and share it. Healing for me is about alignment, empowerment and enablement; helping others to see their highest potential to heal themselves. Right now, it's all about trust, surrender and connecting back to nature, and this is where sounds, gongs and plants can help.  

Formal work background: 20+ years in Adult Mental Health and Children and Family Social Work, which lends psycho-social underpinning knowledge. I resigned last year to go deeper into my shamanic training in South America, and to commit more fully to helping others in a way that feels authentic and where there is space to ground and breathe. I now facilitate both 1:1 healing and group events. 

I have developed and gained experience and qualifications over the last 25 years in meditation, Crystal Therapy, Reflexology, Massage, Basic Counselling, Sound and Gong Therapy. I have received activations and teachings from Buddhist monks, modern mystic Thomas Hubel, plant medicine practitioners, and Shaman Maestros from Britain, North and South America.

You are welcome to email me if you have any queries or suggestions: Email: shashay@soundseva.com

See Facebook/SoundSeva and Instagram/Sound_Seva to discover more about SoundSeva and previous events. 

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    Individual Treatments. Group Events. Collaborations. Ceremonial Circles with Gentle Plant Medicine, such as Cacao and Mugwort and Sound, including gongs.

    25+ Years experience in meditation, social care and self-development. Munay Ki Keeper with teachings received from many disciplines, including shamanic, meditation and spiritual. I am not a shamanic practitioner, but I walk the Shamanic Path in that I honour our connection with Mother Earth and the elements and endeavour to walk with the Divine in all ways. Not all of my events are on this site. Please see my website for more information. 


    The Parent Hood The Parent Hood, 87-89 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, W4 2EF London


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