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Chinese Food Packaging

Chinese Food Packaging

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Top 3 Trends in Chinese Food Packaging

Chinese food is adored all across the globe due to its nutritional value and light taste, making it quite easy to digest. People of all ages prefer consuming Chinese food that serves as a treat to their taste buds as well as reap multiple health benefits, using vegetables as one of the main ingredients. These food items taste the best when served in a piping-hot condition. To perfectly store and deliver these cuisines to the desired customers, custom Chinese takeout boxes are used massively by all relevant food brands.

With the rising demand, each of the Chinese food brands tries its best to perform distinctively and outshine its competitors. To get a unique identity and uplifted brand reputation in the current saturated market, they need to not only present the customers with quality food items boasting a ravishing taste, but also need to work on the overall presentation i.e. the packaging of these items.

In this post, we are going to discuss the top 3 trends in custom Chinese takeout boxes that brands are excessively using these days. Let’s get started!

3 Famous Types of Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

To earn the highest spot in the market and make a name for themselves, brands these days are making use of the following Chinese boxes:


Keeping in view the rising number of eco-conscious customers, all Chinese food brands strive to use sustainable and compostable food boxes. Using these types of boxes not only entices the target audiences to give a try to the brand but also assures them of causing no harm to the surroundings. with the ongoing depletion of the ozone layer, people have started reconsidering their daily routine choices, one of which is the type of product boxes they are acquiring.

Using sustainable custom Chinese takeout boxes also helps such brands offer long-term usage to the customers. Thus, customers can use these boxes to store different items of their choice, once the food item is consumed. Also, brands can cut down on their overall manufacturing expenses as they don’t need to make these boxes from scratch. Instead, they can be reused and recycled, due to their compostable nature and the highly eco-friendly materials they use. The top material choices include Kraft, paperboard, and cardboard, all of them being biodegradable and affordable for the pockets. Therefore, brands that want to ace the current competition must consider investing in sustainable boxes.


Interactive custom Chinese takeout boxes are the ones that only perfectly present the food items, but also let the customers record an excellent first interaction with the brand. This can be achieved by including several interactive features in the packaging, such as QR codes, handles, and different add-ons for convenience, including all the brand and product details on these boxes, brand story-telling, product’s brief overview and what makes them an excellent choice to consume, the nutritive value of the product, as well as including interesting visuals, games or riddles to ensure customers love their overall experience with the brand. Once they are satisfied with the product quality, they would love to refer your brand to others and give your brand a shoutout on social media platforms as well.

Such type of food boxes have a lot more to offer to brands, fostering dynamic and enduring relations between the target audience and the brand itself. Such boxes guarantee that customers remember the brand in the long run and become its potential buyers. What else do customers look for rather than a top-quality food taste and its bespoke packaging? Thus, brands need to consider this aspect of packaging and make it as interactive as they can, to save the customers from hassle and to promote lasting experiences and a memorable brand interaction.


This type of packaging is another latest one in the market, that requires the collaboration of the respective brand with any other brand, to offer a deal or anything of interest to the target audience. For instance, the food brand can collaborate with a beverage brand to offer soft drinks along with the food item, offering a perfect package to the customers. This type of packaging comes normally as a special or a limited edition one, making sure the customers witness one of the best culinary experiences of their lives. Most of the time, customers are always looking for anything extra in their meal, that would help to serve their taste buds to the fullest and this type of packaging thus helps to create awareness in them regarding what type of collaborative product they are going to get and from which brand it would be, other than their regular meal item.

These top 3 trends in packaging have taken the market to the storm, and brands are therefore aptly making use of them, to ensure customers prefer them over all others in the market. To get the best and trendy custom Chinese takeout boxes in the range, look no further than Packaging Mania. We have been serving the market for ages. Without any further delay, book your Chinese food packaging with us now!


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Chinese takeout boxes, also known as oyster pails or Chinese food boxes, are distinctive paperboard or folded paper containers commonly used for takeout and food packaging. These boxes have become an iconic symbol of Chinese cuisine in many parts of the world. 
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