Celebrating 100 years of Council Housing in Lincoln

Oct 17 2020 18:00 - 20:00

This year marks the centenary of council housing in Lincoln. With a Labour run City Council continuing to build Council Housing in the City this event will explore early Co-operative housing, the history of Council Housing and the role it plays in society today.

Speakers include John Boughton, author of Municipal Dreams – the rise and fall of council housing.

Tickets include food (vegan/meat curry)

All proceeds go to Lincoln Labour Party

There will also be a raffle in aid of Shelter

John Boughton is a social historian whose blog Municipal Dreams is one of the most widely read and respected chronicles of council housing’s past and present. He talks on housing to a wide range of audiences and has supported a number of housing campaigns. He has previously published in the Historian and Labor History. He lives in London. He blogs at municipaldreams.wordpress.com.