Mindful Running with Frame & friends (multiple classes)

Coal Drops Yard. Kiosk Unit 108, Stable St, N1C 4DR London

Come join the wonderful Ro, running & yoga instructor from the Frame tribe, for a brain-boosting and body balancing run around Coal Drops Yard. Adding breath techniques to your running style, you will instantly improve focus and concentration with this unique combination.

Change at your office, home or Frame Kings Cross then meet at CDY Kiosk 108 for a dynamic, mindful movement session across CDY.

There is no set fee for this event but as proceeds go to charity we kindly ask you for a donation for each booking (suggested minimum of £5).

<<  If you have any problems booking tickets, just drop us a line at hello@be-box.com to say you're coming and turn up  >>

Tickets for this unique Meditation Running series are available across the following dates:

  • Friday 25th January at 13:00-13:30
  • Friday 1st February at 13:00-13:30
  • Monday 4th February at 13:00-13:30
  • Friday 8th February at 13:00-13:30
  • Monday 11th February at 13:00-13:30
  • Friday 15th February at 13:00-13:30




All tickets sold for the talks, workshops and activities in this month-long Wild Winter Wellness festival include a donation to support the wonderful and essential work of mental health charity Mind In Camden.

Finding us:  

  • BeBox kiosk is next to redemption roasters on Lower Stable Street, N1C 4DR
  • From Stable Street... go down the steps opposite Granary Square Brasserie
  • From CDY ramp... turn right at the bottom of the ramp, past the back of Wolf & Badger
  • From the centre of CDY... take the ground floor tunnel next to Morty & Bobs and turn right
  • https://goo.gl/maps/Ekh5Eb5Xr3...


About Frame 

Frame was put on Earth to make sure keeping fit and healthy never feels like a chore. A place to MOVE, SWEAT and FUEL your Frame daily. We are known for our feel-good, energetic and fun-filled classes. You can sweat it out with a high-intensity fitness class; dance, shake and party like it’s 1999; or get zen with a restorative workout for the mind. 

About Ro

Ro is a London based Yoga Teacher, specializing in Quantum Yoga. Her teaching is driven by her passion for combining health, fitness, spirituality and wellbeing. She has weekly public classes in London, teaches private one-to-one yoga sessions and runs international retreats and co-teaches teacher trainings.

About Wild Winter Wellness

‘Wild Winter Wellness’ is a month-long series of events and activations hosted by Coal Drops Yard and curated by BeBox, designed to help transform our perspective on winter, embrace the benefits of its elements and explore our inner world.

Studies show that at this time of year (often considered the most mentally and emotionally challenging time of year) we need more daylight and outdoor time as well as good human connection time to keep mental and physical stressors from our system.

Wild Winter Wellness contains gatherings, talks and breakthrough physical challenges to transform our physical, mental and emotional quality of life.

About Mind In Camden

Mind in Camden provides high-quality support and capacity building services to benefit people who are struggling with mental distress, including hearing voices, extremes of mood, anxiety, unusual beliefs and post-traumatic reactions.

Mind in Camden stimulates change and development in mental health services by providing, promoting and partnering in services in diverse settings that: enable self-defined recovery, increase self-esteem and promote hope; involve guided and unguided self-help, co-production and peer support; and challenge stereotyping, stigma, isolation and social exclusion.

Find out more about their wonderful and essential work in the community. 

About BeBox

BeBox is a wellness tech studio creating immersive transformational experiences in the city. The studio brings together the worlds of art, science and technology with mind body soul, and is bringing mindful innovation to the stressors of our urban landscape.

Donation (suggested min.£5)