Candlelit Gong Bath to Relax-Realign-Restore - The Soul / Ajna Chakra

Sep 20 2019 19:15 - 20:15

On Route Health, 44 S Ealing Rd, W5 4QA London

" what a smile, and what a voice!! ✨ sounded like an angel surrounded by light lifting up towards the sky and wow again, what a powerful sound journey it was!! I’ve been to a few before but this one was pretty special!! Very intense, with a few very vivid images that seemed so real..." (Alex)

This is the sixth of eight monthly gong baths running throughout the year offering: 

  • relaxation and stress-relief
  • mind-body-spirit balance and alignment
  • restoration of well-being 
  • self-awareness and personal development

You can attend one, some or all of the gong baths. The chakra theme is to offer focus; however, if you just want to turn up and 'gong out', that's fine. I'm sure that you will receive what you need. 

Please Note: you MUST read the 'Contra-Indications' below before booking.

The Intention

The focus of this gong bath is to develop awareness and create balance in, 'The Soul Self - The Ajna Chakra' (Also know as the 'Third Eye' or 'Brow Chakra'). 

Chakras? What? 

Sanskrit scriptures accept us as vibrational beings consisting of spinning energy centres (chakras), channels and fields corresponding to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. The Chinese Meridien System also supports that we are energy emitting vibrations, tones, colours, etc. 

Chakras are located up the spine and can become discordant through factors such as unhealthy lifestyle choices, childhood trauma, unmet needs and suppressed emotions. We thus get pulled out of alignment and can feel sluggish, irritable or depressed effecting our relationship with self and others. 

If not addressed, the chakra can eventually become blocked causing ill-health, aches, pains or breakdown. 

To avoid this, we need to restore harmony and healthy functioning by dissolving the densities we carry. 

'The Soul Body - Ajna Chakra'

Ajna Chakra - Trust Your Intuition

The Ajna/Third Eye/Brow Chakra relates to: 

  • how we see the world around us and how we think the world will respond to us
  • intuition; trusting your senses
  • dreams
  • higher/inner guidance and knowledge
  • pituitary gland, eyes, head and lower part of the brain
  • capacity to visualise and understand mental concepts
  • psychic ability, including lucid dreaming and telepathy
  • creative ideas and putting ideas into practice
  • Colour: Indigo; Element: Light; Mantra Sound: SHAM

Issues in some/all of the above could reflect a dysfunction in your Ajna chakra. 

How can a gong bath help? 

Your gong bath experience can differ with each gong bath - always come with an open mind

Tones and vibrations resonated around an individual effect the energy system and brainwaves in such a way as to induce deep relaxation and meditation. When we meditate our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated to create a space of 'rest and digest' where healing can occur. 

The tones and vibrations loosen density and stress while 're-tuning' and re-aligning the energy system. 

But, gong baths aren't for everyone!


Gong Baths aren't for everyone

Are in your first trimester of pregnancy

Have a severe mental illness 
Have a 'sound sensitive’ condition or conditions that could be triggered by sound. 
Have a heart condition or pacemaker; the sound can resonate metal implants, pins, screws, etc. and could change rhythm of pacemakers.  

Email if you’re unsure and want to discuss further.

What to Bring

Online bookings will secure your place. You can drop-in for a cost of: £18, but you run the risk of being turned away if the class is full.

Bring extra bedding, blankets, cushions, bolsters, etc. anything to make yourself as snug and comfortable as you like. Don't worry if you forget your Yoga mat - there are some at the venue. 

What to Expect

  • Turn up and bed down
  • Be guided by my voice, tones and vibrations; potentially drum, singing bowls and flute
  • A deep and powerful gong bath

You may experience: 

  • Mental chatter 'switch off'. Previous participants have reported that they were able to meditate for the first time in their lives in my gong baths
  • Auditory experiences: hearing whales, singing and chanting is not uncommon
  • Visions, colours, lights and/or shapes 
  • Physical sensations 
  • Guidance and insight 
  • Emotional release. You will be guided within the session on how to navigate this
  • Each gong bath is different; come with an open mind. 

DISCLAIMER: After-care support is available upon request. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate support systems in place if anything comes up for you through SoundSeva events. Please ensure that you read the 'contra-indications' above. 

Getting there:

On Route is a 3 minute walk from South Ealing tube station (on the Piccadilly Line) and is on the No. 65 bus route between Ealing Broadway and Richmond. 

There are parking bays with meters along South Ealing Road, close to the centre. 

About Me

Shashay Kaur, SoundSeva - you can call me 'Sash'

Playing Venus Gong alongside Yoga in the Meadow. A collaboration with 'Muddy Boots', Leicester

In facilitating both 1:1 sessions and group events, I share my 25+ years of experience in meditation, personal and spiritual development and therapy skills: crystal therapy, reflexology, massage, basic counselling, sound and gong healing (Fully qualified).  Activations and teachings from Buddhist monks, modern mystic Thomas Hubel, plant medicine practitioners, and shaman Maestros from Britain, North and South America further nourish my service, while my previous formal work background in Adult Mental Health and Childrens Social Work lends psycho-social underpinning knowledge to my practice. 


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Please email me if you have any queries or suggestions. 

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