Cacao Despacho Sound Ceremony

Jan 11 2020 14:00 - 18:00

effraspace, 21 Effra Parade, SW2 1PX London

Setting Intentions for 2020 with Ritual & Ceremony 

Maggie Rose and I invite you to this half-day retreat. 

With Cacao-filled love in our hearts, energised by the first full moon of 2020, we will gracefully let go of what holds us back from our highest potential and ritualise our prayers and intentions for the year. 

Intentions not only for ourselves, but for our families, communities, Mother Earth and her dwellers!

A variety of SoundSeva right is at Effraspace

Last years Cacao Despacho Ceremony was amazing, with some real magic occurring around our prayer bundle as it was swept out to sea. It feels dishonouring to the sacredness of that circle to share those photos, but you can join us to create magic for yourself!

What to Expect

Yoga mats, bolsters, blocks and blankets are all provided.

There is also a lovely cafe foyer where you can wait. 

The Despacho Ceremony

We will add symbolic elements to this sacred creation individually and collectively. 

The offerings are selected one by one, with a prayer or intention spoken over each and gently blown into them.

They are placed on a wrapper arranged however feels right.

Once completed, the Despacho is carefully wrapped and secured with a ribbon or string and fed to one of the elements. In this case, our Despacho will be given to Fire to take our prayers directly to Spirit.

Humility, gratitude and an open heart are held throughout ceremony to ensure that more grace is experienced in your life, and this state of being will be supported by Sacred Cacao.

The Cacao Sound Ceremony 

You MUST READ the 'contra-indications' below before booking. 

Cacao is THE love medicine! Packed full of neurotransmitters that evoke love, clarity, creativity and bliss. See here for more detailed Cacao information

We are intuitive facilitators who trust Sacred Cacao to lead. She will run throughout the afternoon (and beyond) in her unique way. The below summary of what to expect are based on previous ceremonies but subject to change.

You will:

Sit and share in ceremonial circle

Drink ceremonial grade Cacao tea and be guided on a spirit medicine journey while held in a vibrational bath of soft instrumental sounds; for example, shamanic reiki drum, singing bowls and voice. Also a light 24" Venus planetary gong bath. Venus governs the feminine principle that brings love, romance and creativity; a perfect complement to Cacao.

Contact me to reserve a bag of ceremonial grade Cacao, sourced from the Andean rainforest by Cacao Love.

Use ceremonially, in baking, add to smoothies or grate over your morning cereal. 

Getting There 

Nearest tube: Brixton (Victoria Line) (10 minutes walk)
Nearest train: Herne Hill (8 minutes walk), Brixton (10 minutes walk)
Bus: 3, 37 & 196 (Effra Parade stop, 1 minute walk); 2, 415, 432 (Brixton Water Lane stop, 3 minutes walk)
Parking: There is limited metered parking in Effra Parade, currently £3/hour - max stay 4 hours (free after 5.30pm and before 8.30am and weekends)


Where budget and administration allows, concessions are considered upon request; for example, for multiple bookings  (excluding Clapton Yoga & Gong Bath): Contact Me

There is Disabled Access to this building



Please contact me if you have a severe mental illness, a 'sound sensitive’ condition, any condition that could be triggered by sound and/or if you have a heart condition or pacemaker. Also if you need to avoid chocolate due to a medical condition; e.g.:  you’re taking MAOI based anti-depressants, have a serious heart condition or are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

You may not need to avoid the ceremony; a lower dose may be appropriate.


Activities focused on well-being and healing can dislodge physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. It is your responsibility to inform us of any conditions or issues and have relevant support systems in place. If you do not inform us we do not accept liability for any ongoing ill effects. If, due to a condition, you are unsure whether our service is appropriate, we advise you to seek medical consultation. We aim to provide a safe and well-held space and after-care support is available where requested. You are welcome to seek our advice. 


Contact Me for SoundSeva digital gift vouchers (examples below) that can be used against any SoundSeva event until 31/03/2020 (except Clapton Yoga & Gong Bath)

About Us

A ceremony facilitator with a background in mental health care and Social Work, I teach, heal, facilitate, share and learn. My path is ever evolving and I feel in a position to shine a light for you as others have done for me. 

Maggie is a healer, Munay-Ki Keeper, Intuitive Reader and Artist, facilitating art-based workshops in London.

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Maggie Rose: EmailInstagram 

Any SoundSeva profits are recycled into SoundSeva services, including training, equipment and my healing to ensure that I am clear to hold your space.

We look forward to seeing you at this nurturing event!

Love and warm wishes, 

Shashay and Maggie xx