Cacao Ceremony with crystal singing bowls & gong - Hackney Downs

Cacao Ceremony with crystal singing bowls & gong - Hackney Downs

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Sep 07 2022 18:30 - 20:00


You deserve some time to relax.

Open your heart, release and reflect at our cacao ceremony and gong bath.

Your evening will begin with a delicious, warming cup of Amazonik cacao. Marjory is Venezuelan and imports the cacao to the UK, she prepares it using reiki and loving intention and a unique blend of healing herbs.

Rachael will be your sonic guide. Having worked with energy and sound since 2017 she’ll begin the journey with a heart-opening meditation to prepare your body and mind for the experience of the cacao and sound bath. We will then set our intentions with the cacao and share the drink as a group creating a feeling of connection.

Think of a gong bath as a simple, heart-centred-short-cut to meditative reaching states. You lay and listen to the gong and other instruments as your body and mind intuitively go to work helping you reach altered and healing states. Once the gong is finished Rachael will welcome you back using grounding sounds and affirmations.

There is a little time for people to share afterwards should they so wish, although this is never forced or necessary.

The benefits of working with cacao and gong: 

It's a medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Cacao is is a powerful Plant Medicine known as “The Food of Gods”, it helps release emotional blockages that no longer serve, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and empower you to embrace the necessary life changes in order to move on.

Both gong and cacao help you to reach altered states of consciousness, deep meditative spaces, clarity of mind, and deeper connections to your intuition and have been known to allow people to access blocked or stuck emotions from their past as well as promote deep and peaceful sleep.

In the years that Rachael has been playing the gongs, she has seen miraculous results with people reporting migraines disappearing, anxiety calming, improved sleep patterns, healing surgery pain and other incredible recoveries.

What to bring:

  • Warm comfy clothes (your body temperature will drop during the session)
  • Ensure you’re well-hydrated when you arrive
  • Eye mask (optional)

Although gong and cacao are known to be safe alternative therapies there are some contraindications to take into account.

Cacao is not recommended for:

  • People taking antidepressants
  • Those with serious heart conditions
  • Bare in mind Cacao is a stimulant and can lower blood pressure
  • Gong Bath is not recommended if:
  • You have a severe mental health issue
  • Suffer from serious heart conditions or have a pacemaker
  • You are on heavy medication
  • You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • You are in the first trimester of your pregnancy
  • You are under 13 years old
  • You have metal implants in your body (contraceptive coils are fine)
  • You suffer from sound-induced epilepsy
  • You are triggered by loud and or unexpected noises or vibrations
  • You have a recent or unresolved trauma that you may not be ready to face in deep meditation

If you have any queries as to whether this may be suitable for you please email us in advance of the event and we will be happy to speak with you.

If you are purchasing a ticket for other people please let them know about the contraindications above.

Questioning whether gong works? Check out this feedback...

  • "I feel so much more relaxed and calm!"
  • “I have done gong before but this was so different, I think it’s the best one I have been to.”
  • "Thank you, absolutely loved it!! feel so so relaxed, tingles all over xxxxx"
  • "That was amazing Rach. Can’t wait til next week!"

Join us and see for yourself.

Much Love

Rachael and Marjory

  • Doors will be open at 6.20 pm for check-in and welcome and close at 6.30 pm.
  • Due to the nature of the event, once we start we cannot allow late-comers as it will disrupt everyone’s meditation so please be on time.


Rachael is a Women's anxiety coach and therapist based in London, UK


One Space Hackney One Space Hackney, 16 Spurstowe Terrace , , Hackney Downs, E8 1LT London


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