BRISTOL Syrian Supper Club November

Nov 21 2018 19:30 - 22:30

405 Gloucester Rd, 405 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8TS Bristol

The November edition of the Bristol Syrian Supper is here! Feast on mouthwatering Syrian fare in the gorgeous setting of the Bristol Cookhouse, all the while raising funds for the Hands Up Foundation, to send to some of Syria's most vulnerable.

About Us:

The Syrian Supper Club started in 2012 when four friends who loved Syria decided to do something to show friends back in Damascus that they hadn't been forgotten despite the unfolding conflict. What began as ad-hoc dinners in people's kitchens turned into a hugely successful monthly supper club in the E5 Bakehouse in Hackney, where guests are treated to delicious Syrian cooking and a lovely evening in a pop up restaurant. Keen to raise even more, the Supper Club team has now expanded from Hackney to South London, West London and Bristol!

The Team:

The delicious dishes at the Bristol Syrian Supper are the gorgeous work of Ruth Quinlan. She took up as the backbone of the Syrian Supper Club years ago at the original suppers in Hackney, cooking each and every month for the fine punters that came our way. And it seems that even with all that we couldn’t exhaust her – because she now cooks up a storm at the Bristol Syrian Supper each month. The other half of the Syrian Supper mantle in Bristol has been taken on by Sam Waterhouse, the owner of the Bristol Cook House, general food maestro, and now manager of the Bristol SSC. What a dream team!

House Rules:

We like to place guests at our Syrian Suppers, so please make sure you let us know in the notes when booking if you'd like to be seated with particular people who have booked separately.

We do also cater for vegan/veggie and dairy/nut free, so please highlight this in the notes when booking so that the right food comes your way.

In terms of cancellation, we can offer a full refund on a ticket as long as you let us know at least three days before the event. This is to ensure that we don't end up with empty seats round the dinner table, and each supper raises the maximum it can for the aid projects we fund in Syria.

Any further questions please contact

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